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At Wingham we run many extra-curricular clubs during the year including, football club, cross country club, sewing/crotchet, choir, cookery, gymnastics, coding, rugby, cricket, dance. Read below for days and times of the clubs running this term.

All clubs will run until 4.15 pm. Please arrive promptly to pick your children up as the teachers still have marking, planning and preparation to do afterwards which they cannot start until all the children in their club have left.  The clubs will be as follows -:


Breakfast Club & CASH Club

The Breakfast Club is open every weekday from 8:00am to 8:45am during term time. The CASH club runs from 3.15-5.30. The clubs provide quality care for the pupils of Wingham Primary School enabling parents/carers to work or study beyond statutory school hours.

We aim to provide a happy, safe, warm and stimulating environment for our children. We are able to take up to 25 children at one time.

For further information please contact the school office.

Clubs – Term 3

Please find below a schedule of School clubs that will be running in Term 3 starting on the commencing Monday, 19 February and finishing on Friday, 23 March. 

A contribution of £5 is required per club. A place needs to be booked and payment made during the first week of term. We will be sending you a link via ParentPay once you have signed your child up for clubs for payment.





Choir ( Y3-Y6)

Running Club (Y2 – 6)


08.30-09.00 am

3.20 – 4.15 pm


Boys Football (Y2-Y3)

Art (Yr3 - 6) Limited numbers to 12 children


3.20 – 4.15 pm

3.20 - 4.15 pm



Girls' Football (Y3 - 6)

Tag rugby (Y3 - Y6)

Gymnastics (YR – Y2)

Sign up online please

3.20 - 4.15 pm

3.20 - 4.15

3.20 - 4.15 pm



Boys' football (Y4,Y5 – Y6)

Tennis (Y2 – 3)

Puzzles/Sukoku (Y5 - Y6)

3.20 – 4.15 pm

3.20 – 4.15 pm

3.20 - 4.15 pm


Crossfit-(Y5 - Y6) Original members only please

3.20 – 4.15 pm



 Thank you to the teachers, teaching assistants and parents who are giving up time to run after school or lunch time clubs.