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Class 1

Term 1

In maths we always use manipulatives to help us and support our learning. Here we are using them for place value, addition and subtraction.DSC00404 (640x360).jpg  DSC00405 (640x360).jpg  DSC00407 (640x360).jpg  DSC00409 (640x360).jpg  


DSC00411 (640x360).jpg  DSC00413 (640x360).jpg  DSC00415 (640x360).jpg  DSC00417 (640x360).jpg 

As part of our topic learning about toys, we made our own versions of old-fashioned peg dolls using hazel twigs, leaves and any other natural products that we found outside. We held everything together with pipe cleaners that we bent round

We had a fabulous time investigating lots of different games!

DSC00567 (640x360).jpg  DSC00568 (640x360).jpg  DSC00570 (640x360).jpg  DSC00571 (640x360).jpg  

We investigated different versions of snakes and ladders, then we created our own during outdoor learning. We numbered our boards 1 – 25 then we used leaves and sticks to create the game. We took them home so that we could play them with our families. They were good fun!

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In RE we thought about how Christians believe that God created the world. We discussed how people have spoilt the world, and what we would like to see to make it better. In outdoor learning we then created our own images of what a beautiful world should look like using natural materials.

IN DT we investigated split pin toys. WE then designed and made our own.

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