Business sector and name

Class 1

Term 4

This term we have been finishing our topic ‘Where is the treasure?’ and we have started our topic ‘Can we live without a supermarket?’

During forest school, we spent time observing signs of spring. We found seedlings, buds on trees, spring flowers and frogspawn in the school pond.

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In our literacy lessons, we looked at spring poems and learnt about how to write poetically. We started by writing descriptive phrases about spring, we even managed to do some alliteration. Here are some examples of the poems they wrote.

SAM_2036 (640x480).jpg  SAM_2037 (640x480).jpg  SAM_2039 (640x480).jpg  SAM_2040 (640x480).jpg  SAM_2041 (640x480).jpg    

We finished our Hokusai paintings this term. The children worked hard to create the right shapes and they made their own shades of blue to add texture to the wave. They have created a lovely display and the children are very proud of their creations.

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We have now come to the end of our Zumba sessions, the children absolutely loved the lessons and their high energy and enthusiasm kept them going for a long time! Over the series of lessons, the children became more coordinated and their stamina improved.

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