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Class 1

Term 5

This term, we have been continuing with our topic ‘can we live without a supermarket?’ In science we investigated the difference between fruits and vegetables. We labelled the different parts of a plant and then thought about the vegetables we eat and which part they are. In literacy we wrote instructions for planting seeds and then read these to a partner. We also looked at the story ‘Oliver’s vegetables’. We planned our own version and then made puppets and acted it out. The children wrote some brilliant stories using adjectives! We have now started the story ‘Handa’s surprise’ and will be writing our own versions after half term.SAM_2154 (640x480).jpg  SAM_2155 (640x480).jpg  SAM_2163 (640x480).jpg  SAM_2169 (640x480).jpg  SAM_2349 (640x480).jpg  SAM_2351 (640x480).jpg  SAM_2352 (640x480).jpg  SAM_2353 (640x480).jpg  SAM_2354 (640x480).jpg  

In art, we have been learning about the artist Guiseppe Arcimboldo. We drew our own self-portraits using his style of work. The following week we went outside and used many different things from nature to create our faces. They all had completely original ideas and the faces looked great. In DT, we practiced our weaving skills and made brightly coloured place mats using this technique.

SAM_2181 (640x480).jpg  SAM_2182 (640x480).jpg  SAM_2184 (640x480).jpg  SAM_2185 (640x480).jpg  SAM_2186 (640x480).jpg  SAM_2242 (640x480).jpg