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Class 1

Term 1

We spent the first week looking at our class continent which is Asia. We took part in a variety of activities including learning Bhangra dancing, looking at Indian fabrics and then recreating them using paints, pastels and chalks. We learnt about a few Asian animals and then took a vote to choose which should be our class name. We are going to be the Bengal tigers!


In maths we have been learning about numbers 1 – 20 and understanding their place value. We have found one more and one less than any number up to 20. We can represent these numbers in a variety of ways, using a number line, tens frame, Numicon and base 10. Our class have used our role play area to learn about coins and we practiced using coins to pay for items.

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We have been outside a lot this term where we have been investigating the forest school area. We have been looking for signs of the seasons changing and hunting for insects and other mini beasts. The children found snails, worms, grasshoppers, woodlice and earwigs.

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Our PE lessons have been focussing on improving our coordination, footwork and a variety of other skills. We have improved our throwing and catching and our listening skills.


This term we went on a trip to the ‘Hornby visitor centre’ where we took part in a variety of activities. We looked around the museum and learnt about how some toys and games have changed over time. We were able to decorate and make our own toys and then play with the scalextric. We had a great time!