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Class 1

Term 6

Our topic for this term is ‘That’s life’. We have been learning about different animal groups and learning about how some animals have special features to enable them to live in the habitats that they do and how their senses help them to hunt. We had a visit from creepy claws and we were able to ask questions about the animals.

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The whole school took part in French week. We have learnt how to answer the register in French and we can say whether we would like a packed lunch or school dinner. We learnt the song ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ in French and we performed this in assembly with Reception class. At the end of the week we had a French breakfast which included croissants, brioche and hot chocolate!

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We have spent a lot of time outside this term taking part in a variety of different sports. We had a series of tennis lessons, which were led by Coach Simon from Polo Farm tennis club. The children really grew in confidence over the weeks and really enjoyed the sessions! We learnt about teamwork and problem solving and we thought about why working together was important. We used our teamwork skills to get across the field using the tyres, it was not easy but we did it!

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