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Class 2

Term 3

This term our topic is Could a Dinosaur live in Wingham? We have created a role play area with a palaeontology  lab and a fossil excavation area. We have really enjoyed working in it.

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This term we have looked at how multiplication is commutative (can be done both ways.) we used cubes to prove that 2 x 6 = 6 x 2

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In Forest schools we created dinosaurs, nests and eggs out of things that we find naturally in our local environment. They were all different shapes and sizes, and were great fun to make.

 DSC08741 (640x360).jpg  DSC08742 (640x360).jpg  DSC08743 (640x360).jpg  DSC08744 (640x360).jpg  DSC08745 (640x360).jpg  DSC08754 (640x360).jpg  DSC08755 (640x360).jpg  DSC08756 (640x360).jpg 

In art we used dried pasta, lentils and rice to create dinosaur skeletons.

 DSC08799 (640x360).jpg  DSC08800 (640x360).jpg  DSC08801 (640x360).jpg  DSC08802 (640x360).jpg  DSC08803 (640x360).jpg  DSC08804 (640x360).jpg