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Class 2

Term 4

Some of us went to a cricket tournament at Spitfire ground in Canterbury. We learned many different skills and played lots of games.

 DSC09304 (640x360).jpg  DSC09305 (640x360).jpg  DSC09306 (640x360).jpg  DSC09307 (640x360).jpg  DSC09308 (640x360).jpg  DSC09309 (640x360).jpg  DSC09310 (640x360).jpg

In art we created collages using a range of different types of paper and fabric. We cut things into different shapes and tried different techniques like weaving and folding to create 3D images.

 DSC09356 (640x360).jpg  DSC09357 (640x360).jpg  DSC09358 (640x360).jpg  DSC09357 (640x360).jpg  DSC09359 (640x360).jpg  DSC09360 (640x360).jpg  DSC09361 (640x360).jpg  DSC09362 (640x360).jpg  DSC09363 (640x360).jpg  

In Gymnastics we have been using the big apparatus to practise our skills of balancing, climbing and jumping. Over the weeks we have certainly improved our skills and our confidence.

DSC09425 (640x360).jpg  DSC09426 (640x360).jpg  DSC09433 (640x360).jpg  DSC09434 (640x360).jpg  DSC09435 (640x360).jpg  DSC09437 (640x360).jpg  DSC09438 (640x360).jpg  DSC09439 (640x360).jpg