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Class 2

Term 5

This term we completed our dinosaur puppets (with some help from the parents at a parent workshop!). We practised our DT skills of designing, cutting, joining, fixing and evaluating. We think they look super!

DSC09494 (640x360).jpg  DSC09496 (640x360).jpg  DSC09497 (640x360).jpg  DSC09499 (640x360).jpg  DSC09501 (640x360).jpg  DSC09502 (640x360).jpg  DSC09503 (640x360).jpg  DSC09508 - Copy (640x360).jpg  DSC09509 - Copy (640x360).jpg  DSC09510 (640x360).jpg  DSC09512 (640x360).jpg

This term we have been looking at the work of some British authors and illustrators, including Mairi Hedderwick, Oliver Jeffers and Lauren Child. We looked closely at the media that they use to create their pictures, and attempted to recreate them ourselves.

 DSC09651 (640x360).jpg  DSC09652 (640x360).jpg  DSC09653 (640x360).jpg  DSC09654 (640x360).jpg 

This term we have spent some time outside looking at and identifying the different kinds of plants and trees that grow in our local environment. we then created a miniature garden using some of the flowers, trees and leaves that we found.

As part of our science lessons we have been outside looking at the trees and plants

DSC09689 (640x360).jpg  DSC09690 (640x360).jpg  DSC09691 (640x360).jpg  DSC09692 (640x360).jpg  DSC09698 (640x360).jpg  DSC09700 (640x360).jpg  DSC09706 (640x360).jpg