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Class 2

Term 2


Our topic this term has been ‘How is my home different to yours?’ We started the topic by using clues to find out where in the world Denise lives. We used globes, atlases, maps and photographs. We worked out that she lived in a tropical zone, on an island with mountains and volcanos. Finally, we looked at the shape of the island and spotted it. It is the island of St Lucia. We created out own 3D maps of St Lucia using a variety of materials.

 SAM_5608 (640x480).jpg  SAM_5607 (640x480).jpg  SAM_5606 (640x480).jpg  SAM_5605 (640x480).jpg  SAM_5604 (640x480).jpg  SAM_5603 (640x480).jpg  SAM_5602 (640x480).jpg  SAM_5601 (640x480).jpg

We linked our literacy lessons to the topic and we wrote non-fiction fact files on St Lucia. We also practiced writing questions to ask people about St Lucia and we then used skype to talk to Jan and Jeff, a couple who live in St Lucia and they answered our questions. It was amazing to see the beautiful scenery and we enjoyed learning more about St Lucia. We have also written our own island adventure stories using commas in a list. Here are some examples of what we have been doing this term.

SAM_5797 (640x480).jpg  SAM_5798 (640x480).jpg  SAM_5799 (640x480).jpg  SAM_5801 (640x480).jpg  SAM_5802 (640x480).jpg  SAM_5803 (640x480).jpg  SAM_5600 (640x480).jpg

In maths we have been learning about money. We used coins to make totals and pay for items and we have practiced giving change from 50p or £1. We have also been learning about multiplication and division and we will continue this after Christmas. We looked at multiplication number sentences and then practically worked them out using a mixture of resources. It was fun and helped us to remember to make equal groups!

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