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Class 2

Term 1

During our week learning about the continent of Australasia, we created some images of Uluru (Ayers Rock). We used paint to create the background and pastels to create Uluru.

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During our week on Australasia we looked at Aboriginal dotty paintings and recreated some of our own. We learned that they used sticks, bones, fingers and other natural things that they found and used earthy colours. Most of the time they created images of animals.

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In maths we have been learning about place value using Dienes rods and cubes.

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In Literacy we started our writing journeys by creating our own superheroes and their arch enemies. We then went on to make them into stick puppets and act out our stories. After that we wrote some excellent stories about their adventures.

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6 of year 2 attended a tag rugby workshop at Ash rugby club. Some new skills were learnt and lots of fun was had.

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In art we have looked at self-portraits by famous artists. We noted  how the artists created the marks using a variety of media. We then used mirrors and soft pencils to draw our own self portraits.

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