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Class 2

Term 6

We looked at the work of the artist Quentin Blake, and watched a video of how he draws. We then used different pencils to draw in the same style and used wax crayons to colour. We thought about the different creatures that Roald Dahl makes up – hornswogglers, whangdoodles etc and thought carefully about what they would look like. It was great to let our imagination run free!

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In maths we have been working on measures – length, capacity, temperature, mass, time and money. To help with our weighing, we made biscuits in groups. We carefully measured out the ingredients in grams using digital scales then worked together to make the mixture.

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We went pond dipping in the wildlife area and identified some of the flora and fauna that lived there. We caught tadpoles at various stages in the  life cycle and we even found a newt!

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In French week we learned about the French Polynesian islands as they are part of our continent of Asia. We learned about the Geography of the islands and made our own volcanic islands using papier mâché.  We also looked at some of the work by the artist Paul Gaughin who spent some time in Tahiti. We looked carefully at the way he produced his paintings, the colours that he used and the perspective. We then created some work in the same style,. Mixing our own colours as we went

During the week we also read lots of stories in French – La Chenille qui fait des trous, boucle d’or et les trois ours, la sorcière dans l’air et ou-est ti petei loup? We enjoyed listening to the stories and comparing the French words to English words.

We also sang lots of songs and presented our work in assembly. All in all it was a fabulous week!

In Art we looked at the work of Carl Warner, who ises food to make landscapes. We watched a video which showed us how to do it, then we used fruitand vegetables to create our own images.

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