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Class 3

Term 6

On Tuesday 9th July class 3 visited Betteshanger country park for the day. The children took part in Archery, geo-caching and a rather difficult obstacle course. We had the most wonderful day and I was very proud of how the children supported each other and threw themselves into every activity.

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On Thursday 20th June class 3 delivered a fantastic assembly to their parents. It was all out the rainforest. They spoke clearly and sung beautifully. After the assembly there were parent workshops. The children planned, prepared and delivered their own workshops on the different areas of the curriculum. Well done Chameleons.

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As part of our rainforest topic the children researched traditional Brazillian food. They used their DT skills to make a Brazillian Fazwada for their parents to try.

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The children were treated to a creepy claws workshop at the beginning of this term. They learnt about the skeletons of different insects, amphibians and mammals. The children were able to touch some of the creatures. They were very brave and some children even had a tarantula on their heads. It was great fun.

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The week beginning the 24th June was our French week at school. We investigated French books and cartoons. We learnt some French songs and celebrated at the end of the week with a French feast.

Term 5

The children were exceptionally lucky this term to take a trip to Folkestone Sports Centre in April. They took part in a variety of activities such as tobogganing, footgolf and pickleball. It is wonderful for children to experience a variety of sports and maybe even inspire them to take part in those sports outside of school.

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