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Class 3

Term 5

The children were exceptionally lucky this term to take a trip to Folkestone Sports Centre in April. They took part in a variety of activities such as tobogganing, footgolf and pickleball. It is wonderful for children to experience a variety of sports and maybe even inspire them to take part in those sports outside of school.

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Our topic focus this term has been the rainforest. The children have immersed themselves in the topic and thoroughly enjoyed all the activities. As part of our writing journey the children created and performed a short adventure drama. They then used this experience to inspire their writing.

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In science this term we have been investigating plants. The children have an excellent understanding of plants and their needs to survive. We have set up some interesting investigations to support our theories, which we continue to observe and monitor. Our second investigation was to look at the transport of water through a plant. The children planned and set up an investigation to observe water as it is transferred through a plant.

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Term 4


As part of our Science topic this term we have been investigating forces. At the beginning of the term we looked at magnetic force and friction. After that we decided to investigate air resistance. The children thought about the different factors that would affect air resistance and investigated these factors by making parachutes.

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