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Class 3

Term 1

At the beginning of term 1 the children learnt about their continent Africa. We chose Chameleons to be our class name. We learnt where Africa is in the world and the countries within the continent. The children created African sunset pictures to celebrate the beautiful scenery you might find in Africa. They mixed paints to create the colours of a sunset and chose African animals for their picture.

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As part of our Art project we have been studying Inuit art, particularly the paintings of Ashevak Kenojuack. This Inuit artist used printing as one of her main techniques so we have been practising our printing techniques in preparation for our final piece. We did this using leaves.

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Our topic ‘What would a world of darkness be like?’ has led to us investigating shadows for our science topic. Linked to this we have been studying the Inuit tale of ‘The Polar Bear Son.’ The children made shadow puppets of the characters from the story and then performed the story in a shadow puppet theatre.

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The children were very lucky on Friday 5th October to have a skipping coach come in to school and teach them some new skipping techniques. The children enjoyed the workshop and had some good exercise too!

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 As part of our Science topic Chameleons have been investigating shadows. One of the questions that arose was ‘do our shadows move change across the day?’ We devised an experiment to investigate this questions. The children drew around the shadows and measured then three times across the day.

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Term 6

The children have been exploring stories by Dick King Smith, in preparation to write their own Dick King Smith inspired story. As part of the writing journey we created our main character out of clay and painted them. The children then used them to inspire their writing.

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Fennec Foxes took part in a super salad competition. They worked in groups to create a salad which was healthy, original, tasty and looked good on the plate! They were then judged and the children were awarded prizes.