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Class 4

Term 1

The Ocelots have had a busy start to their year in Class 4.

We began our first project, “Horses to Porsches” by finding fascinating facts about some of the very first horse drawn vehicles. 

IMG_3196.JPG  IMG_3198.JPG  

We shifted along the timeline to research Stephenson’s Rocket and discovered that the painter Claude Monet was so fascinated by steam trains, that he painted many pictures of them.

We began to mix colours and make colour wheels as we are going to create steam train paintings in the style of Monet’s work. 

IMG_3144.JPG  IMG_3148.JPG  IMG_3142.JPG  

We “exploded” our colour wheels to create beautiful collages. 

IMG_3218.JPG  IMG_3204.JPG  IMG_3230.JPG  

In Science, we have been finding out about electricity and building electrical circuits. We are going to use our science knowledge and skills to make electronic buggies. We carefully measured, marked and cut the wood to make our chassis. 

IMG_3252.JPG  IMG_3253.JPG  IMG_3255.JPG  

In Numeracy, we have been working on Place value, addition and subtraction.

We were fantastic at reading and writing Roman Numerals! 


Term 6

Wow! What an exhausting term! The Parrots have been so busy.

To reinforce the science work we did about electricity in Term 1, we took part in an electricity workshop. We had the opportunity to build and investigate electrical circuits and after listening to REAL scientists, we have a much better understanding of what electricity is and how it works!