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Class 4

Term 1

By the end of year 4 the children are expected to know their times tables to 12 x 12. To help with mastering these skills and to practise their rapid recall, the children have enjoyed learning songs and playing games involving all the multiplication tables.

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In music lessons this term we have been learning all about rhythm and percussion as well as becoming confident and competent when playing the recorder.

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After listening to and discussing the vivid imagery from the short story ‘The Polar Express,’ we used our knowledge of language features to devise our own scenes and settings. We then used our creative art skills to bring these scenes to life.

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Class 4 have been learning Parkour by taking part in lessons devised by ‘Team Theme Kent.’ The children have listened well and worked extremely hard to master precision control and landing through perfecting a variety of jumps, vaults and rolls.

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