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Class 4

Term 2

As part of our topic ‘How Has Transport Evolved?’ class 4 visited Dover Transport Museum. It was a fantastic opportunity to get up close to some of the modes of transport we had been learning about.

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As a start to the text ‘How To Train Your Dragon,’ we looked at the short story ‘What Kind Of Dragon Are You?’ We then created our own dragons to say how they represented us!

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While looking at data handling in maths lessons we decided to deepen our understanding by creating ‘Human Venn Diagrams.’ This helped us to see how to represent various data by physically walking into the correct circle.

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Class 4 had a great time using their deduction and reasoning skills to complete a set of challenges using natural materials.

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As part of our ‘What Do Scientists Do?’ Our class were discussing how science might be used by the police to catch criminals. We looked at the different areas of biology, chemistry and physics that forensic scientists study to solve problems. We then used all this knowledge to analyse fingerprints to catch the thief who had eaten all the biscuits.

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Term 1

By the end of year 4 the children are expected to know their times tables to 12 x 12. To help with mastering these skills and to practise their rapid recall, the children have enjoyed learning songs and playing games involving all the multiplication tables.

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