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Class 4

Term 6

Well, what a fantastic way to end the year. We have had such a busy term 6.

We have some budding musicians in Ocelot class. The brass players put on a wonderful show with some of the children at Wickhambreaux School. 

IMG_4870 (640x480).jpg  

The rest of us were lucky enough to have a lesson in playing the spoons!! 

IMG_4563 (640x480).jpg  IMG_4568 (640x480).jpg  

In numeracy, we had great fun creating maths games to teach Time to year 3. You can see that both classes thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 


Later, we explored 3d shape. Using our mathematical knowledge, we built models out of spaghetti and marshmallows. It was much harder than we thought! 

IMG_4815 (640x480).jpg  IMG_4824 (640x480).jpg  IMG_4827 (640x480).jpg  

Some of us investigated how many different nets we could find to make a cube  

IMG_4832 (640x480).jpg  IMG_4841 (640x480).jpg  IMG_4854 (640x480) (640x480).jpg  

…and some of us created our own nets to make complex shapes. 

IMG_4860 (640x480).jpg   

Ta dah!!


We learnt about food in Ancient Greece and we compared it with Greek food today.

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Alongside this work, we found out about ways in which we can keep ourselves fit and healthy. Eating a balanced diet is one important way. We looked at the Mediterranean diet and how that can help us to ensure our meals are as healthy as possible.

More food ! 

We tasted typical French foods when we used French vocabulary to write our own café menus. We used these menus to help us create little dramas inside a café!

In art lessons, we looked at the work of three sculptors. We practised drawing the human form and then sculpted wire figures in the style of Giacometti. 

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