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Class 4

Term 4

We started Term 4 by completing our Inca masks

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and then we moved on from the continent of South America to that of Asia.

We compared our small village and village school with that of a village in India. We found out about the ways in which the Adivasi people from Chembakolli, live their lives and discovered many similarities and differences to our own lives.

We looked at the Hindu religion and researched the ways in which Hindus pray and celebrate their beliefs through festivals such as Diwali and Holi. We wrote our own assembly about Holi and performed it to Key Stage 2. 

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We also enjoyed creating traditional diva lamps and designed beautiful Rangoli patterns used to welcome the goddess Lakshmi. 

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The Ocelots celebrated all that we have learnt about India through an Indian day. We were fortunate to have Jon Holmes to visit. He told us all about his experiences in India.

We learnt an Indian dance with Laura Andrews 

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We tried on traditional Indian clothing 

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and tasted Indian dishes with Nicky Crossley 

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Nicki Holmes kindly gave each child a Mehndi pattern using henna. The Ocelots’ parents were invited to join us. It was a fantastic day.

Many Ocelots, worked hard at home to create fantastic pieces of writing, artwork and musical instruments. We enjoyed delicious home-cooked Indian dishes too! 

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In our art lessons, we explored the art of block printing 

IMG_4045 (640x480).jpg  IMG_4046 (640x480).jpgand found out about the work of Kandinsky and Rothko. Both used their disabilities to create their work and through their work, expressed their emotions.

PSHE work, which complimented our “Good Vibrations” topic, taught us that many people despite a disability, are able to inspire us with their talents and determination to succeed. One of these people is Miss Taylor. She joined us for an afternoon, and shared her child hood memories. She explained how, despite many setbacks, she was able to fulfil a dream and play the trombone as part of an orchestra.

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In ICT, we learned how to use SCRATCH to build a band and control sprites to play rhythms and tunes.