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Class 4

Term 3

This term in the Ocelot class has been very exciting.

In our Numeracy lessons, we explored 2d shapes. We sorted them according to their properties.

IMG_3703 (640x480).jpg  

We then worked together to solve shape puzzles and we designed some of our own.

IMG_3853 (640x480).jpg  IMG_3859 (640x480).jpg  IMG_3882 (640x480).jpg 

It proved very difficult to solve them but we cracked it!

 We learnt in our science lessons, how important it is to be able to sort and separate materials.

We found ways to sieve materials and separate them according to their size. 

IMG_3708 (640x480).jpg  

Next, we used our scientific knowledge to filter filthy water and make it virtually clear 

IMG_3711 (640x480).jpg 

We discovered that some materials such as salt can be recovered from solutions.

In PE, we have been busy developing our tennis skills 

IMG_3794 (640x480).jpg  IMG_3818 (640x480).jpg  

and learning South American style dances.

IMG_3956 (640x480).jpg  

The DT project we began last term finally came to a close. We worked very hard to design and make electronic buggies. Although they were time consuming, it was very rewarding when we were able to drive them across the hall! 

IMG_3955 (640x480).jpg  

The finished cars were not only successful, they looked good too.

Music played a large part in our term as the Ocelots rehearsed for their concert at the O2 arena. Wow, what an incredible occasion that was!

It was wonderful to visit such an amazing event and to be part of something so worthwhile. Some of our parents came to watch the show and joined in with us.

We finished this busy term by designing and making musical instruments using recycled materials.

First, we learnt how we hear sounds and how sound can change depending on various scientific factors. We used this knowledge to create a wide range of instruments.

IMG_3983 (640x480).jpg  IMG_3988 (640x480).jpg  IMG_3990 (640x480).jpg  IMG_4015 (640x480).jpg

Next term, we will use these to create our own music.

Term 2

What an exhausting term we have had! In Science, we moved on from electricity to solids, liquids and gases. We explored the properties of numerous materials and classified them. We discovered that some materials can be both solid and liquid and that water can be solid, liquid or gas!