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Class 4

Term 5

Term 5 blurb

At the end of term 4, the Ocelots brought in some wonderful pieces of topic homework!

IMG_4344 (640x480).jpg  IMG_4342 (640x480).jpg  IMG_4349 (640x480).jpg  IMG_4350 (640x480).jpg  IMG_4351 (640x480).jpg  IMG_4368 (640x480).jpg  IMG_4377 (640x480).jpg  

In Term 5, we began an exciting topic called “Hero or zero?”

We immersed ourselves in the myths from Ancient Greece and enjoyed reading and acting out these famous stories.

IMG_4399 (640x480).jpg  IMG_4403 (640x480).jpg  IMG_4452 (640x480).jpg  IMG_4461 (640x480).jpg  IMG_4472 (640x480).jpg  

We painted pictures of our own mythical beasts lurking in their lairs. We created heroes and we wrote our own myths.

IMG_4531 (640x480).jpg  IMG_4532 (640x480).jpg