Business sector and name

Class 5

Term 1

Our Continent this year is Antarctica. After much debate class 5 voted to be called ‘Orcas.’

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We choose this name as they are very popular, highly intelligent and adaptable creatures.

Orcas rely on good communication and co-operation in order to succeed. They are also very

Sociable and look after and support one another!

As part of our ‘What Would It be Like to Stand On The Moon’ topic. We undertook a project about creating space-themed biscuits. We used all our DT skills and understanding during the designing, making and evaluating parts of the project. Everyone was in agreement about the part we enjoyed the best – The Eating Stage!

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This term we have really enjoyed being able to link our science and literacy lessons. After learning about the race to put a man on the moon between the USA and USSR, we found out about ‘The Apollo 11 Mission,’ when Neil Armstrong became the first ever astronaut to do so. We used our journalistic writing skills to design a newspaper report to celebrate this momentous occasion. We then used chalk pastels and our skill of blending to create some fantastic pictures of the moon.

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Term 6

This term we have been reading ‘Running Wild’ by Michael Morpurgo.

‘For Will and his mother, going to Indonesia isn’t just a holiday. It’s a chance to put things behind them. And to begin with, it seems just what they both needed. But then the tsunami comes crashing in and Oona, the elephant Will is riding on the beach, begins to run. Except that when the tsunami is gone, Oona keeps on running….’

The main theme of the book is the threats to the animals that live in the jungle mainly from deforestation and illegal poaching.

With these themes in mind we looked at the life of Jane Goodall and her dedication to saving the chimpanzees in Africa. We wrote persuasive letters to the government in Tanzania, where Jane carried out years of research, to support her foundation and her cause to save these animals. We also created posters to highlight the plight of the chimpanzee to the general population.

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We watched an instructional video called ‘How To Draw A Chimpanzee.’ The video really enhanced our skills in shading, sketching and perspective. The end result was a fantastic troop of chimpanzees, drawn by the class. We were very impressed by the results.

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With the fantastic summer weather, class 5 had a chance to use their horticultural skills to make the most of the area just outside our classroom. After only a few weeks the results spoke for themselves. Just look at the size of those sunflowers!