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Class 5

Term 4

With the start of the new term, Year 5 consolidated their learning by visiting Dover Castle. This also gave us the opportunity to introduce the children to WW2 which would be the main area of study. We visited the secret wartime tunnels and learned about ‘Operation Dynamo’ where Vice – Admiral Ramsey and his staff planned and supervised the rescue of allied troops from Dunkirk in 1940.

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We have been studying Sikhism in RE and learned about the story of ‘Guru Nanak and the Boulder’. We then got the chance to use our creative skills by choosing any method that we wanted in order to get the message across!

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This term in PE, class 5 have been learning new and improving past gymnastic skills with coach Aaron. We have been focussing on jumping, climbing and balancing when using the large apparatus, ropes and climbing frame.

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On Tuesday 12th March we got the opportunity to find out what life would have been like for a child during WW2.  Mr O’Sullivan who took on various roles during the day helped our knowledge and understanding of the period, especially with all his authentic resources and practical nature of our learning. At the end of the day we had so much fun and more importantly, were able to empathise with what life must have been like during the war!

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Term 3

Our topic this term is ‘Defenders of the Realm.’ We looked at the reasons the Romans wanted to invade Britain and the places on the Kent coast where the invasion took place. We also studied the battles of ‘Stamford Bridge’ and ‘Hastings.’ This led on to the ‘Norman Conquest’ and the building of castles throughout England. We had great fun with our ‘Castle – building Challenge!’ Our task was to build a model of a motte and bailey castle or a stone keep castle, including as many of their features as possible.

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In science this term we are learning about properties and changes of materials. Our experiment involved mixing water with other substances and observing what happened. The groups