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Class 5

Term 5

In art lessons we have been exploring natural patterns and recreating them using mediums such as pencils, felt-tip pens, paint, chalk, oil pastels, charcoal and collage. We looked closely at the patterns to see how they were made up:  the colours, lines and shapes that they made. We then discussed the various art mediums before deciding which would be best suited for each pattern.

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To help the class name and describe the functions of the main parts of flowers we dissected some flowers. We carefully started on the outside with the sepals and worked our way in to the centre of the flower. Having identified the parts of the flower we labelled them and arranged them in our books like an ‘exploded view’. It really helped us to remember the functions of the main parts of flowers.

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Having listened to a variety of pieces of music we discussed the patterns that we heard and how effective they were. In small groups we then had the opportunity to compose a piece of music of our own thinking carefully about ‘The graphic score’ and how we wanted the music to sound.

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While exploring Africa during our topic lessons we looked at the country of Morocco in more detail. First of all, we located Morocco on a map and considered its position in northern Africa. Then we thought about how the area might be different to the rest of Africa? Where might its influences come from? Finally we looked at Information on Morocco, pictures and climate cards to help us find the false facts and correct them using the information we had found out about the country.

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This term class 5 had a great day at Canterbury Christchurch University attending the ‘Engineering Ed. Project.’ We took part in workshops to explore the opportunities, possibilities and big questions raised by science and engineering.

‘Land Ahoy – Coping In The High Seas.’

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