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Class 5

Term 2

This term, the children have had a focus on applying their times table knowledge. At the beginning of term, they were finding multiples, factors, squared and cubed numbers before moving on to calculating using powers of 10 (10, 100 and 1000). Class 5 also used this knowledge to mentally multiply by trickier powers of 10 (e.g. 45 x 20, 32 x 300). They used their multiplying skills to calculate the area and perimeter of shapes. Over the last few weeks, class 5 have focused on using long multiplication and the bus stop method for dividing

This term, the children have continued to write using space as the main theme. They created their own non-fiction texts after choosing an object in space to write about. They created newspaper reports about a U.F.O sighting and made videos pretending to be news reporters. The children have written a 100-word story which has been sent off with a chance to win prizes!

Class 5 have continued to research and explore the different aspects of space including looking at the relationship between the movement of planets around the Sun. The children learnt about the phases of the Moon and used torches to show this in practice. They used prisms to look at the colours of the spectrum and created their own experiment to prove that light travels in straight lines and why we can see objects in the night sky.

Class 5 spent 2 afternoons learning about the importance of first aid. They were shown how to respond in an emergency and shown how to put someone in to the recovery position. They were shown how to administer CPR including chest compressions and rescue breaths. On the second day, the children were shown how to use bandages in a range of situations as well being able to use defibrillators.

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Class 5 have produced some amazing and detailed art work this term. They looked at the work by Peter Thorpe and created their own abstract work, choosing their own medium (paint, pastels or pens). They then created a group piece of work, again using a range of materials to create a space themed piece of art.

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Term 1

This term, the children have been identifying the value of each digit within numbers up to one million as well as ordering and comparing these numbers. They have also been rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10000 and 100000 and have also looked at Roman numerals. Class 5 have been using the column method to add and subtract as well as calculating missing numbers.DSC01170 (640x480).jpg  DSC01171 (640x480).jpg  DSC01173 (640x480).jpg 

The children have been writing around our topic of space. They have used ambitious language, fronted adverbials and different sentence openers to write description of their own planet. They have also used speech, synonyms for said and different sentence types to create their own narrative. Their writing has been amazing!

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Class 5 have been learning about the effects of gravity and air resistance. They planned, predicted and conducted their own experiments which included creating a parachute for an egg!

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This term, the children have been testing their strength in a variety of ways. They have recorded their times running 400m, recorded how many sit-ups they can do in 1 minute and timed how long they could hold a plank for. The children have also designed and presented their own workout routines to the rest of the class.

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