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Class 5

Term 3

Our topic this term is ‘Defenders of the Realm.’ We looked at the reasons the Romans wanted to invade Britain and the places on the Kent coast where the invasion took place. We also studied the battles of ‘Stamford Bridge’ and ‘Hastings.’ This led on to the ‘Norman Conquest’ and the building of castles throughout England. We had great fun with our ‘Castle – building Challenge!’ Our task was to build a model of a motte and bailey castle or a stone keep castle, including as many of their features as possible.

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In science this term we are learning about properties and changes of materials. Our experiment involved mixing water with other substances and observing what happened. The groups noticed that the material would sometimes dissolve, sometimes they would react to make a new material and sometimes they would just float or sink. This led on to learning that some changes of state and dissolving and mixing processes could be reversed through filtering, sieving and evaporating.

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This term Class 5 have really focussed on E Safety especially leading up to ‘Safer Internet Day.’ We spent time looking at the ‘Think u know’ and ‘Kid Smart’ websites. The acronym SMART: S-Safety, M-Meeting, A-Accepting, R-Reliable and T-Tell informed our lessons. Then we looked at poetry and composed our own based on the theme of ‘Cyber Sense.’ The next thing we did was to listen to and learn the song ‘Stay Safe On The Internet.’ All of our hard work culminated in our performances to the school and parents of our E Safety themed assembly. Class 5 hope that they got the message across!

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Term 2

In Term 2 Class 5 continued studying their exciting space topic

 ‘What Would It Be Like To Stand On The Moon?’


While studying forces we constructed paper rockets to see which one would be the most aerodynamic.

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After looking at the force of air-resistance we used all our scientific knowledge to plan an experiment to see if the height of drop or amount of paper clips would affect the distance our spinner travelled. We had great fun carrying out our investigation.

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We were lucky to have a representative from STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) come in to deliver a workshop for the class.