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Class 5

Term 6

Class 5 had a PE ‘Enrichment Day’ where we visited Folkestone Sports Centre. We tried our hand at football golf, snow tubing and tennis. The day was a lot of fun and gave us the chance to learn new skills and techniques while trying out some different sports.

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The school decided to take part in a national ‘Non-Technology Day’ to encourage children to think about their school environment. For one of our lessons we decided to make masks using the natural materials that we found outside the classroom. We had to really think about and consider which materials would be suitable or not. After a few attempts everyone had made a mask to be really proud of!

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As part of a special music assembly our class had a workshop on playing the spoons. We used plastic, wooden and metal spoons and listened to the different sounds they could make. For the finale the whole class played what they had learned on the spoons while accompanying a harpsichord and a fiddle. The children had a great time learning to play this everyday utensil in a unique way.

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At the start of our ‘That’s Life’ topic we had a visit from ‘Creepy Claws.’ This gave us the opportunity to get up close and personal with a variety of insects and reptiles. We then used the information and knowledge from this session when studying life cycles later in our science topic.

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Class 5 posed the question ‘Are Burgers Healthy?’ First we looked at different types of burgers and what they contained. Then we looked at the nutritional and calorific values. Finally we made burger patties, using ingredients that we thought might make them healthier. The end results were delicious.