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Class 6

Term 4

Our topic for this term has continued to be ‘Who’s the Mummy?’ we have looked into, with further detail, the mummification process. The ancient Egyptians would mummify there dead, after voting one of the class was mummified. Afterwards everybody carried out the process, focusing particularly on wrapping the body in linen.

 Mummy 1 (640x480).jpg  

This term we have been practicing and improving our artistic skills, here we are sketching a wide variety of interesting objects such as skulls and shells. We worked on sketching skills and how to shade.

 Sketching 1 (640x480).jpg  Sketching 2 (640x480).jpg  Sketching 3 (640x480).jpg  Sketching 4 (640x480).jpg  Sketching 5 (640x480).jpg  Sketching 6 (640x480).jpg

In French this term we have covered an array of different topics, learning and practicing many new phrases and words. One particular focus has been on food, we tried some traditional French food and created our own menus.

French 1 (640x480).jpg  French 4 (640x480).jpg  French 5 (640x480).jpg  French 6 (640x480).jpg  French 7 (640x480).jpg  

In design and technology this term we have been constructing shadufs, these are an ancient Egyptian technology that were used to lift water from the river Nile and irrigate crop land. We worked extremely hard whilst designing and constructing these and our very thankful to the parents who helped us during the open afternoon.

Shaduf 1 (640x480).jpg  Shaduf 2 (640x480).jpg  Shaduf 4 (640x480).jpg  Shaduf 5 (640x480).jpg  Shaduf 6 (640x480).jpg  

In ICT for the later part of this term we have been using software called ‘comic life’. We have created a comic strip that details the step-by-step of the mummification process. We used computer design programmes such as paint 3-D for our illustrations.

Comic 1 (640x480).jpg  Comic 2 (640x480).jpg