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Class 6

Term 1

Year six have been working extremely hard in literacy, writing a variety of interesting pieces. To link with our harvest assembly, we have been writing poems based on the theme of Autumn. We walked around our school field, making observations to inspire us. We then used these observations to create a poem, that some of us read during our harvest assembly.

Autumn poem 1.JPG  Autumn poem 2.JPG  Autumn Poem 3.JPG

Early on this term we travelled to canoe wild, to take part in raft building. We learned about the best process to follow to ensure our rafts worked effectively. It greatly boosted our teamwork skills and was enjoyed thoroughly by all. We were even fortunate enough to go paddle boarding.

Raft Building 1.JPG  Raft Building 2.JPG  Raft Building 3.JPG  Raft Building 4.JPG  Raft Building 5.JPG  

Our topic this term is ‘Will you survive?’ and to link with this question we have been reading Kensuke’s Kingdom. We used our geography skills to find a potential area where Michael could have gone missing. From this information we used Google Earth to research the geographical features of surrounding islands within the area. Next we created our own island maps, using materials we could find outdoors, before finally writing a description of our islands.

Islands 1.JPG  Islands 2.JPG  Islands 3.JPG  Islands 4.JPG  

During this term Dan the skipping man came into school to run workshops for each year group. We thoroughly enjoyed our workshops and practiced cross overs and played keep the pot boiling.

Skipping 1.JPG  Skipping 2.JPG  Skipping 3.JPG  Skipping 4.JPG  

As a culmination of our first half term in year six, we have had our survival days. A survival specialist came into school to teach us various different survival skills. These days are split in two, the first is in school where we built solar ovens, prepared and cooked fish and