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Class 6

Term 3

This term our new topic focuses on the question ‘Who’s the Mummy?’ Early into the term 'Portals to the Past' came to school and the children had an Ancient Egyptian day. During the course of the day the children engaged with many different activities such as role play, drama, fact finding, examining artefacts and even Ancient Egyptian maths.

Egyptian day 1 (640x480).jpg  Egyptian day 2 (640x480).jpg  Egyptian day 3 (640x480).jpg

During the Egyptian Day we used the Ancient Egyptian measurement system, which uses royal cubits. The royal cubit has twenty-eight segments which are referred to as ‘fingers’. Here we can be seen measuring each other using royal cubits.

Egyptian measuring 1 (640x480).jpg  Egyptian measuring 2 (640x480).jpg  Egyptian measuring 3 (640x480).jpg  

We were shown many different fascinating artefacts by the Egyptologists who were leading the day. They explained in detail what these artefacts were used for. We discovered the purpose of a Shabti doll and how vital they were for the afterlife.

Artefacts 1 (640x480).jpg  Artefacts 2 (640x480).jpg  Artefacts 3 (640x480).jpg  

The final section of our Ancient Egyptian day was a drama re-enacting the death of a Pharaoh. We witnessed the full experience and attended the funeral and observed the mummification process. This was finished with the coronation of a new pharaoh.

Egyptian Funeral 1 (640x480).jpg   Egyptian Funeral 2 (640x480).jpg  Egyptian Funeral 3 (640x480).jpg  Egyptian Funeral 5 (640x480).jpg  

Following on from our Ancient Egyptian day, we decided to sculpt our own Shabti dolls in class. We have based our designs on traditional examples and will varnish them to give them an authentic look.

Shabti 1 (640x480).jpg  Shabti 2 (640x480).jpg  Shabti 3 (640x480).jpg