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Term 6

Wow what a busy term we have had this term! We have continued to look at 'Living and Growing' aswell as starting a new theme of 'That's Life.'

We have continued to look in-depth at the environment around us and learnt how to become nature detectives. Not only did we discover evidence of activity on our plants- we also had a go at predicting what type of creature may have been nibbling on them using magnifying glasses to get a close look at to see if there were any differences in size and shape of the bite marks.

Creepy claws brought in a host of different animal species for us to look at and we learnt the difference between mammals and reptiles.

DSC01126.JPG  DSC01127.JPG  DSC01128.JPG  DSC01133.JPG  DSC01134.JPG  

We have had a great time in our mud kitchen  allowing us to develop skills in turn taking and sharing, wrting for a purpose and grasping mathematical concepts including capacity and volume using standard and non-standard measures. Plus it really enhanced our imagination and role-playing skills as we produced cakes and potions throughout the term.

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The end of year trip to Quex Park was fabulous. We saw lots of different animals in the museum- even some species that are now sadly extinct. We loved the 'Discovery Gallery' where we looked at laods of different artefacts and explored the house giving us a great opportunity to discuss and see first hand how homes have changed over the last century. Of course we also had a great time exploring the extensive gardens.

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