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Term 2

This term in ‘How do celebrations colour our lives?’ we have been looking at and comparing festivals and celebrations from around the world with those that we celebrate ourselves. It has been such a busy time!

We investigated why people celebrate Bonfire Night and who Guy Fawkes was before finding different ways to make our own representations of Bonfires and fireworks using a range of materials including a lot of natural materials we found in our local environment.

DSC02188.JPG  DSC02189.JPG  DSC02193.JPG  DSC02199.JPG  DSC02202.JPG  DSC02205.JPG  DSC02204.JPG

In the first week we found out about the celebration of Diwali enjoyed by people of the Hindu and Sikh faiths. The story of Rama and Sita gave an insight into this celebration and we had a go at doing some traditional Indian stick dancing before using our artistic skills to create Diva pots and Rangoli patterns.

SAM_5083.JPG  SAM_5084.JPG  SAM_5093.JPG  SAM_5103.JPG  DSC02282.JPG