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Term 6

Wow what a busy term we have had this term! We have continued to look at 'Living and Growing' aswell as starting a new theme of 'That's Life.'

We have continued to look in-depth at the environment around us and learnt how to become nature detectives. Not only did we discover evidence of activity on our plants- we also had a go at predicting what type of creature may have been nibbling on them using magnifying glasses to get a close look at to see if there were any differences in size and shape of the bite marks.

Creepy claws brought in a host of different animal species for us to look at and we learnt the difference between mammals and reptiles.


We looked closely at a variety of flowers and seeds and discovered that pollen grains are different shapes and sizes in each flower. We discovered some have hooks that help them to stick to bees and other insects that then in turn go on to pollinate our plants in order for them to produce flowers, fruit and vegetables. We then had a go at modelling some out of clay.

We were very excited when our mud kitchen arrived allowing us to develop skills in turn taking and sharing and grasping mathematical concepts including capacity and volume using standard and non-standard measures. Plus it really enhanced our imagination and role-playing skills as we produced cakes and potions throughout the term.

The end of year trip was fabulous as we put all our skills from forest schools sessions into practise when we visited Fir Tree Forest School just outside Deal.

We did a host of activities that incuded toasting marshamallows, making popcorn, mud sculpting and painting, mud kitchen, hammock swinging, home building- and much more....

Term 5

This term has been all about 'Living and Growing' looking at how animals and plants grow and develop. We have been looking at 'Life Cycles' first hand and observed frog spawn develop into tadpoles and then froglets,caterpillars transform into butterflies and robins hatch, grow and fledge in our outdoor area.

They thought our doll's house looked so comfortable they would build a nest in it!

SAM_4154.JPG  SAM_4155.JPG  SAM_4157.JPG  SAM_4159.JPG  


We have also had a close look at a range of other animals such as Mischief the barn owl and Frank the tortoise. This has helped us to observe the different characteristics of  a range of different species and discover the differences between birds, insects, reptiles, amphibians and mammals.

SAM_4200.JPG  SAM_4201.JPG  DSC00973.JPG  DSC00972.JPG  

We created some fantastic observational drawings of  some of them too using graphite pencils and coloured pencils.

DSC01062.JPG  DSC01063 (1).JPG  

In Literacy we read the stories of 'The Tiny Seed' by Eric Carle and 'Jasper's Beanstalk' by Nick Inkpen. Just as in the stories we set up experiments of our own to see if Sunflowers/Beanstalks really do need soil, sun and water to grow! We planted the seeds and placed them in a variety of different places then had to wait to see what happened. We also planted potatoes- three different varieties and hope to harvest them next term, then cook them and review which variety we prefer

SAM_4177 (1).JPG  SAM_4178.JPG