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Term 1

Our theme this term is 'What makes me special?' Throughout the term we have been talking about our similarities and differences, how e change as we get older, what senses are and how we differ in our likes and dislikes, as well as trying to settle into school full time!

We were lucky that one of baby sisters was able to visit. Baby Alice came in and gave us lots of opportunities to ask questions and get us thinking about how we have changed already.

DSC01547 (640x480).jpg  DSC01550 (640x480).jpgWe have been exploring what our senses do and what it might be like if we lost some of them. Inspired by the book Lucy's Picture by Nicola Moon we tried to discover the difference a visual impairment may make to our lives. We then had a go at making some sensory pictures just like Lucy did for her granddad. Instead of looking at the resources we had to select resources that felt like the objects they were going to represent.

 SAM_4921.JPG  SAM_4922.JPG  SAM_4924.JPG  SAM_4928.JPG  

We noticed, while out looking for the signs of Autumn and the effects this has on our local environment, that the apples on our tree were ready to pick. They were delicious! We also collected lots of natural resources to create an Autumn display.

SAM_4764 (640x480).jpg  SAM_4767 (640x480).jpg  SAM_4769 (640x480).jpg  SAM_4770 (640x480).jpg  

Sadly we noticed the Sunflowers that had grown so tall in the Summer were starting to die. When we took them out we took a close look and discovered it was not all sad news. The heads of the flowers for full of seeds that we could plant next year! Not only did we have lots of lovely seeds but by picking them out we also had lots of fine motor exercise which helps us develop muscles in our hands to get ready for writing!

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We have made full use of our  forest school area and made a variety of items using natural resources. We used leaves to good effect to create squirrel tails, hedgehog prickles and owl feathers that we found.We even found, ordered and sorted leaves before making our very own sticky crowns! The colours of Autumn have also inspired us to create paintings to complete our Autumn display whilst helping understand the difference between warm and cold colours