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Termly News

Term 1


In September we welcomed Significant Males into school. They joined in lessons for the first session of the day from maths to P.E. It was an excellent opportunity for parents and carers to work alongside their young people, continuing to develop our partnership working between home and school.

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Term 2

In October the school took part in Black History Week. Each class learnt about a black person who has made an impact on the world in recent history. The week was extremely informative and everyone played an active part in the learning opportunities.

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Children who attended the after school Craft club created some fantastic works of art both in 2d and 3d!

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Term 3

The brass band continues to meet weekly. They have made excellent progress and have even performed in front of the school.

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Family reading day continues to be a huge success across keystage one!

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We are very excited that we have recruited our first Digital Leaders in the school. Training starts in ernest in Term 4.

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Term 4

Term 5

Term 6