Wingham Primary School

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Black History Week

This year we celebrated Black History month by learning about modern Black sports stars, taking part in African dance and exploring and celebrating diversity in the world around us, past, present and learning about how we can help shape the future.

The question each class was asked was,  ‘How did  their  black athlete change the  world around us?’

Each class had a different sporting star to find out about.

Cherry Class- Mo Farah MBE

Holly Class- Lewis Hamilton MBE

Hawthorn Class- Mo Farah MBE

Rowan Class-Mohammad Ali

Pine Class- Ade Adepitan MBE

Maple Class- Marcus Rashford MBE

Sycamore Class- Jessie Owens

The week concluded with an assembly, where the pupils shared what they have learned with their peers and reflected on the discussions held over the week. A child from each year group then summarised and shared what they - and their peers – took away from their learning.