Wingham Primary School

It’s all about the children

Families' Week W/B 24th May

Families’ week is an opportunity for children to learn about the different family structures in our modern society. They will learn that some children have a mum and a dad, some live-in single parent families, some have foster parents, some live with their grandparents and some have same-sex parents.  


The focus of the week is to show the children that as long as the family environment is a loving one it does not matter how it is structured. We will celebrating and acknowledging the different types of families is crucial to helping children develop empathy and value others. 


Throughout the week the children will share lots of different books about families. Here is our suggested book list: 


And Tango Makes Three – Justin Richardson

King and King – Linda De Han

King and Kind and Family – Linda De Han

If I Had a Hundred Mummies – Vanda Carter

Daddy, Pappa and Me – Lesley Newman

Its OK to be Different – Todd Parr

The Family Book – Todd Parr

We Belong Together – Todd Parr

Whoever You Are – Mem Fox

Who’s in a Family – Robert Skutch

Dad David, Baba Chris and Me – Ed Merchant

A Tale of Two Daddies – Vanita Oelschlager

Tale of Two Mummies – Vanita Oelschlager

Hello Sailor –Andre Sollie

My Two Grannies – Floella Benjamin

Asha’s Mums – Rosamund Elwin

All Families Are Special – Norma Simon

Pic-nic in the Park – Joe Griffiths

Finding a Family for Tommy – Rebecca Daniel

My Dads – Kelly Bennet

Missing Mummy – R Cobb

Daddy, Papa and me – L Newman

Fine as we are – A C Hall

Who’s in a family – R Skutch

All my friends – G Lobel

The adoption of teddy the teapot poodle – S Gottfried

An Angel just like me – M Hoffman

Dad, David, Baba Chris and Me – Merchant

Two Homes – C Masurel

Ella moves house – A Hassall

Tracy Beaker- Jacqueline Wilson