Wingham Primary School

It’s all about the children

Term 2

The children have continued writing around the theme of space during term 2. They created their own chapter linking to our class text, ‘The Astronaut’s Apprentice’ using a 5-part narrative as a guide. They focused on linking paragraphs together appropriately, using ambitious language that engages the reader as well as using a wider range of punctuation throughout each piece of work. Year 5 also looked at instruction guides and made their own using modal verbs, time conjunctions and relative clauses to add detail to their work.


Class 5 researched lunar buggies and their features. Then, in a group, they designed their own version before making the. They had to think about what materials would be used and what each person would make. They used saws, hot glue guns, axels and a host of other materials to create their buggies. Finally, they created a persuasive presentation detailing the features of their creations.

Class 5 began the first term exploring the space paintings of David Hardy. They invented and painted their own impressive 'Spacescapes.'


The second artist they studied was Peter Thorpe, known for his rocket paintings Class 5 used textured and bright colour to create their own work in thee style of Thorpe. They then worked collaboratively to paint a huge canvas for display.
During Black History Week class 5 researched the Ethiopian artist Julie Mehretu. This gave the class the opportunity to experiment with masking out a background before painting , printing and finally mark-making over the top. The layers that they used created a wonderful effect.