Wingham Primary School

It’s all about the children

Term 4

This term we have been busy learning about the Vikings in order to try and answer our topic question ‘Would you be more afraid of an Anglo-Saxon or a Viking?’. We were incredibly lucky to have a special Viking day where we learnt new skills and took part in lots of exciting activities including…….

  • Using a quern stone to make flour
  • Weaving wool
  • Making Viking medicines
  • Engraving metal to make our own Viking amulets
  • Battle training

We all had an amazing day and learnt lots.

Since coming back to school we have also been very fortunate to have forest school sessions, which are a real highlight of the week. We have worked hard to prepare our bed ready for planting vegetable seeds and have also had a chance to learn how to use different tools including drills and saws. We are looking forward to enjoying lots more forest school afternoons next term.

As well as all of our wonderful topic work we have also been working hard in maths and literacy. In maths we have been learning how to measure in centimetres,  millimetres and metres using rulers and metre sticks. We now know the length and height of most of the equipment in the adventure playground and sand pit area thanks to our accurate measuring skills. We are also able to convert and add measurements. 

In literacy we have been writing diary entries, imagining that we are Vikings who have travelled in longboats to England. To inspire our writing and to help us really understand what life might have been like as a Viking we had a go at making Birka bread which is believed to have been made by Vikings. We carefully followed the recipe, ensuring we measured out the ingredients accurately and ended up with some tasty bread. I think nearly all of us agreed that we would be happy to be a Viking if the food tasted that good!