Wingham Primary School

It’s all about the children

Term 4

This term, the children have focused their writing around our topic theme, ‘How would you protect your family?’ The children have written letters as evacuees and as soldiers, used our class text ‘A Soup Movement’ to write about kindness and written a recount based on ‘The Piano’, which is a short animated film. We have revisited previously learned skills such as written in the past tense, using first person, using a range of sentence openers. A big focus this term has been on the use of exciting language to engage the reader.

This term, we focused on world war one and world war two. We investigated the causes of both wars and researched how Dover played an important role in the war effort. Maple class learned about using flags to communicate as well writing their own messages in Morse code. Year 5 then looked at the story of Dunkirk and how this shaped the war. Finally, the children dressed up as evacuees, soldiers and factory workers and undertook a range of activities for their world war day – eating porridge, sharing family stories, playing board games, designing their own war time posters, playing traditional break time games and learning about Bletchley Park codebreaking.

Maple class have spent the majority of this term focused on understand and applying fractions. They have learnt to recognise, calculate, add, subtract and multiply fractions. Following on from this, they have also linked this learning to understanding decimals and percentages. The children used this understanding to be able to convert between fractions, decimals and percentages and this in turn allowed them to answer reasoning problems:

  • Which is the odd one out? Why?
  • Explain your answer…
  • Spot and correct the mistake…
  • Order these…
  • Which is the largest/smallest? Prove it with a picture

This term, year 5 have been researching and investigating military photographs and paintings especially those by Graham Turner. The children have been mixing to identify different shades of green before creating their own bird’s eye view of fields. These paintings are nearly complete but the children still need to add the aeroplanes to their work before it is completed.