Wingham Primary School

It’s all about the children

Term 5

This term we have been exploring the question ‘Does Farming Matter?’. So far, we have really enjoyed learning all about farms and we were very lucky to visit Yew Tree Farm. Whilst we were there, we fed the pigs, learnt about how potatoes are grown and sat inside a tractor.

In English, we explored non-fiction texts and wrote our own information poster about our favourite vegetable. We also learned how to write instructions and made up our own set of instructions for an assault course that we made in the playground.

In maths, we have started learning about fractions and finding halves and quarters of shapes and numbers. We also learned about sharing and grouping numbers.

In science, we have been learning about plants. Most of our lessons have been outside in the new outdoor classroom and on the field. We planted some beans, searched for wildflowers and identified different types of tree. We also learned about the different part's of a plant.