Wingham Primary School

It’s all about the children

Term 5

This term in maths,  we have been learning about fractions and have been using lots of new mathematical vocabulary including numerator, denominator, unit fraction and non-unit fraction. We started by finding halves, thirds and quarters of shapes and amounts before moving on to learn about tenths. To help us partition a whole into tenths we used multilink and part whole models.

We began this term with an explorer day where we started to learn about the Amazon rainforest. To help us to understand the location of the Amazon rainforest we made maps using cress………once they had grown we enjoyed eating them too! As part of our explorer day we also went on a hunt around the garden to find pictures of the human and physical features of the rainforest. Lots of us thought that the rainforest was just trees so we were surprised to find out about the city of Manaus which has roads, houses and skyscrapers. In literacy we wrote amazing newspaper reports about our day.

In ICT we have been learning about how the weather is forecast and the types of data which are needed. We designed and made weather stations, thinking carefully about what would be needed to collect data about temperature, rainfall, wind speed and sunlight. We have also explored how sensors can be used to warn people about extreme weather and considered the type of sensor which could be added to our weather station. We had some brilliant ideas for sensors including sensors which could turn on air conditioning when a certain temperature is reached and sensors which could set off an alarm to warn people of hurricanes when the wind reaches a specific speed. We have also been learning about the weather in French and have created a powerpoint for a French weather forecast.

Finally, in art we have been learning about the artist Shirley Bhatnagar who creates animated tableware. We have critiqued her work and produced our own designs. At the moment we are in the process of creating a bowl out of papier-mâché which our final design can be painted onto.