Wingham Primary School

It’s all about the children

Term 5

This term, the children have focused their writing around our topic, ‘What have the Romans done for us?’ They have written a persuasive letter, arguing for or against the Roman republic system of government in which they also had a class debate! They used a range of sentence openers to vary their writing as well as using powerful, persuasive language. Year 5 have also written in the role of estate agents pretending to sell different types of Roman houses using appealing language and expanded noun phrases. Finally this term, the children have listened to Roman myths and then planned their own,  before writing these.

This term, we focused on the Romans. The children researched the Roman republic system and came up with a list of advantages and disadvantages before having a class debate for or against this system. They spent time researching different types of Roman houses and used this information to write adverts in English lessons. Maple class have also begun to research the Roman invasions in Britain by Caesar and Claudius. We will continue this topic in the first few weeks of term 6. In science, the children have planned, designed and conducted their own experiments based on the state of matters: dissolving, sieving, filtering and decanting.

Maple class started the term by investigating decimals and linking these to money and giving and receiving change when shopping. They also learnt how to sequence decimals and multiply and divide these by 10, 100 and 1000. Moving on from decimals, the children have spent the rest of the term reading, estimating and drawing angles within shapes. They have used their knowledge of different shapes to calculate missing angles within triangles and quadrilaterals as well as on straight lines and full rotations.

Every Friday afternoon this term, Maple class have spent time participating in forest school activities such as filtering dirty water, planting and eating spinach and radishes, planting sunflower seeds, weaving the willow tree and searching for mini-beasts!

In computing, Maple class have been programming and debugging algorithms using a Micro:Bit device which plugs in and pairs with laptops then the children need to use the correct codes to create a sequence.