Wingham Primary School

It’s all about the children

Term 5

In maths,  this term, we have spent time learning about shapes. We looked around the school for as many circles as we could find and measured the radii and diameters. We have also learned about angles.

In literacy, we learned about Shakespeare’s sonnets and about the history of the Globe Theatre. We wrote our own sonnets, and performed using the outdoor classroom as our own stage. When learning about moths, we created a drama piece to show the evolution of the peppered moth during the industrial revolution.

In geography, we have learned about contour lines and topography. We drew a map of an island and then made the map out of paper and cardboard, showing the hills corresponding to the contours on our maps. We have looked at Ordnance Survey maps of Kent and identified features in the area we live in.

In PE, we have been doing outdoor adventurous activities. We learned about maps and then used compasses to create our own maps of the school grounds. We have also been doing athletics, practising our running and jumping to prepare for sports day.