Wingham Primary School

It’s all about the children

Term 6

As we continued to look for answers to our question ‘What lives in my garden’ we were excited to see the butterflies hatch from our of their cocoons right in the last few days of term 5!

We visited the seaside town of Deal and walked around looking at the differences between a seaside town and the village our school is located in. We then had a go at drawing some maps of where we went and the different things we saw using the photographs we had taken.

We were lucky to welcome a bee specialist, Michelle in to talk about why bees are so very important and what we can do to make sure we keep them healthy and safe. We learnt how to look after honey bees. How many different types of bee work in a hive and how to spot when a bee is getting cross with us!

Michelle  also helped us to make  bees wax candles whilst explaining why bees make beeswax- to protect the baby bees in  their cells!

We also discovered what a marvelous example of insect architecture and engineering a bee hive is. The queen lays an egg into an individual cell that has been made by the worker bees from bees wax. Each one is a hexagon shape which means it has six equal straight sides! We had a go at making our own hive with cells using pasta and playdough. It is really tricky!

In literacy one of the key texts was called ‘Omar and the Bees’ We discovered how the illustrator of the book created all the illustrations using a mix of water colour paints and crayons. We watched her do this in a film clip and used this as inspiration to create our own. We think they are stunning!

In understanding of the world we discovered why bees and other pollinators are so important to ensure our plants, vegetables, fruit and flowers grow. We pretended to be bees and flowers and used cheese balls to be the pollen that the flowers need to produce seeds. Honey bees collect the pollen and take it away and as they travel form flower to flower they accidentally mix the pollen up between the flowers which helps them to make seeds! All this is called pollination a great new word to learn!

In PE we have been trying really hard to run in a straight line along our running track. We all have our own lane and have been practising running down it without crossing into each other’s- it’s really tricky but we are getting there! We have also been developing key skills in a variety of athletic sports which we then put into practise in our sports day . (Look at the sports day pages for our class.)

We also had a great time learning new skills during ‘We are the Champions’ week especially in rhythmic gymnastics and bounce which we all loved! In Literacy we focused on the story ‘Avocado Baby.’ We tried avocados and then thought about all those foods that keep us healthy and ensure we grow up healthy and strong.