Wingham Primary School

It’s all about the children

Term 6

This term in literacy we have read The Great Kapok Tree and written our own playscripts. We enjoyed making masks and getting into character, ensuring that we were moving around and making the sound of our chosen animal! We have also written our own rainforest shape poems, using adjectives, adverbs, similes and alliteration.

In maths we have continued to learn to tell the time. To help us understand how the hands on a clock work we made our own human clock which was lots of fun! We have also been learning about lines and angles. The children can now identify right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles as well as parallel and perpendicular lines in different shapes.

In Geography we have learnt about the Hoh Rainforest in North America. We have compared the human and physical geography of the Amazon Rainforest and The Hoh rainforest. We have considered their position in the world and how this affects the climate and weather.

In art we have been learning about Henri Rousseau and have been inspired by his painting ‘Tiger in a tropical storm’. Using only primary colours, the children have successfully learnt how to mix paint to create their desired colour. We have painted the leaves for our background and will soon be painting the animals and plants in the foreground.

Celebration Assembly