Wingham Primary School

It’s all about the children

Term 6

In our outdoor learning we have combined our science and geography learning to place habitats around our school grounds.

In DT we have designed and made our own salads inspired by salads that are already available to buy such as Greek salads. We conducted market research and created our own design criteria. We learnt how to use a knife and grater safely and practised our technique on vegetables before creating our final salad.

This term we have been developing our knowledge of angles. We have taken out learning outdoor, looking for angles in our environment and making pictures using sticks and multilink cubes to show right angles.

In PE we have been developing our communication skills by creating circuits to lead blindfolded children through. We used our position and direction language that we learnt in maths to help guide our peers around the course.

In RE we have been learning about the spiritual journey for Christians from baptism to confirmation. We created our own freeze frames to tell the story of Jesus’s baptism.

As part of we are the champions week, Pine class took part in a taster session at Canoe Wild. We got to spend the morning learning how to paddle board. We had a lot of fun and built our confidence with activities on the water. We even managed to stand up on the paddle board.

In science we have been developing our knowledge of the human body and the digestive system. We drew the different parts of the digestive system on a body and labelled its different functions.