Wingham Primary School

It’s all about the children

Term 6

We have continued learning about our question, “What makes Britain great?”  This last term has gone by so quickly but we have packed in lots of great learning. We have focused on Roald Dahl in literacy and have looked at three of his books as well as learning lots of facts about Roald.  We made some amazing marvelous medicines which resulted in some great instruction writing and ideas of what would happen to you if you drank it.  When we looked at The Twits, we made up some very nasty tricks that Mr and Mrs Twit could do on each other. We have ended up this term looking at Charlie and the Chocolate factory and wishing we could have a house full of chocolate.

Maths has been a lot about measures.  We have learnt to tell the time to o’clock, half past and quarter past and quarter to.  We have also had fun measuring length, weighing, and filling up containers with liquid!

We finished off our topic by using our DT skills to design and make our own sandwiches and eating lots of British cakes and scones. The most inventive sandwich was cream and marshmallows!  

In PE we practiced a lot for our sports day and Tallulah and Lucas proved to be the fastest boy and girl.  We also continued with our tennis lessons and hope to see some of us playing in Wimbledon soon.

In forest school we made disgusting marvelous medicines and made Mr Twit’s beard using natural resources to name a few of our fun outdoor activities.

In Science we learnt about different materials and we found out how strong certain materials are.  We were amazed to discover that 4 egg shells could hold a weight of 7kgs! 

In Music, we have been learning about the composer Anna Meredith. Anna is a Scottish composer who writes electronic and acoustic music. She likes to work with orchestras, bands and choreographers to create music that uses clapping, stamping, shouting and beatboxing instead of instruments. We listened to and learnt different moves of her piece ‘Connect It’. We then used these to create our own version. It was fun but also quite tricky at times, as we had to remember the moves, make sure we make the right sounds and do it all at the same time to make it sound great.

In French, we have been reading ‘La chenille qui fait des trous’ - The very hungry caterpillar. We have learnt the words for the days of the week, some fruits and some of the repetitive phrases in the story. We then made our own story puppets and tried to retell parts of the story in French.

Celebration assembly