Wingham Primary School

It’s all about the children

Term 1

The focus of this term’s writing has been around space. The children created their own planets using paper mache then wrote setting descriptions based on these. They also created a non-fiction text about their planets. The skills they focused on were using ambitious language, writing in the same tense throughout a piece of work, using semi-colons in lists and ensuring that punctuation is accurately throughout.

Year 5 have conducted a range of experiments based on different forces. They tested gravity, air resistance and friction by planning their own experiment then recording their findings accurately. Maple class created their own parachutes using a range of materials and attached an egg to test them. It was very messy! To test the effects of friction, they conducted their own experiment using a variety of surfaces, cars, Newton meters and measuring equipment.

One of the PE topics this term has been gymnastics. At the beginning, we focused on basic shapes of gymnastics, different types of movement and a range of balances. The children combined these with a partner to create routines. As the term has progressed, the children used these skills whilst working on equipment such as benches, mats, climbing frames and ropes.

Music has also had a focus linked to our topic on space. Maple classed arranged and sorted instruments that they thought best linked to a certain planet.