Wingham Primary School

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Term 1

Maple class started off the term by creating their own planets using Papier Mache. They described these alien worlds using adjectives and sentence openers and also created their own non-chronological report on their planets. They have also written an instruction text based on the Moon buggies that they built on significant male day.

Maple class designed their own friction experiments using a range of resources available. They decided to test the friction of cars on different surfaces or tested the friction of trainers on different surfaces. They chose which materials to test on and decided whether to test friction in distance, time or in Newtons. Maple class demonstrated friction during a tug of war competition.

The children learnt about the difference between mass and weight and that weight is the measure of gravity. They measured the weight of gravity on different objects and noticed a link between the mass of an object and the weight. They also calculated what their weight would be on the Moon as well as on Jupiter.

In groups, the class planned, designed and made two parachutes to test the effects of air resistance. They choose the shape or material and also decided on the length of the string. Eggs were placed in to the parachutes and dropped (by Mr Pile) from a ladder. Unfortunately, only one egg survived the landings!

What a fantastic day! The children saw beautiful views of London’s different landmarks with lovely weather all day. The children stood on the Meridian line, saw different sun dials, climbed to the top of the observatory to see a very old telescope, had time in the planetarium and other workshops throughout the day. Maple class were perfectly behaved all day and showed excellent manners.