Wingham Primary School

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Term 6

As we continued to look for answers to our question ‘What lives in my garden’ we were excited to see that our African Land Snails, Shelly and Sheldon  laid a clutch of eggs and we waited to see if they would hatch!

We have looked closely at a number of lifecycles and were amazed about the work Bees and other pollinators do and the way they are crucial in ensuring we have plenty of fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants.

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Michelle, a Bee Keeper who told us loads of facts about bees. We looked at a real Beehive, tried on a beekeepers suit and hat and made beeswax candles.

We even made Bee hats!

We then did an activity to further understand what Pollination means and the important part bees and other pollinators play to ensure we have plenty of fruit and vegetables.

We went on a village walk and found lots of physical features and then visited the seaside town of Deal where we were able to see and talk about the differences and similarities between the two places.

In PE we have been trying really hard to run in a straight line along our running track. We all have our own lane and have been practising running down it without crossing into each other’s- it’s really tricky but we are getting there! We also had a great time learning new skills during ‘We are the Champions’ week especially in rhythmic gymnastics and Indoor Curling. We practised our throwing skills, kicking skills and jumping skills..It was lovely to finish off the week in style with Sports Day and a family picnic!

We have had such a fantastic year. The children have been amazing and need to be proud of all they have achieved over the last year! Good luck in your new adventures into Year 1 !!!