Wingham Primary School

It’s all about the children

Term 4

In geography, we have developed our knowledge of Africa, recreating maps of Africa out in the playground. We soon realised that we had many countries to fit in!

Then we looked at the features of a river. We created our own rivers using natural resources, using geographical terminology to label them.

For World Book Day we came dressed as our favourite book characters. In the afternoon, we had a great talk from Lucy Strange, author of books such as ‘The Ghost of Gosswater’. She gave us lots of inspiration about how to use mood boards to create settings and characters.

This term we have finished created our Canopic jars. We use paper cups, which we cut to shape and covered in Modroc. We use newspaper and card to create the animal features. Finally, we painted and vanished our jars.

In French we made mother’s day cards (even though Mother’s day in France usually falls on the last Sunday in May). We have been learning about different phrases to thank our mother’s and carers and tell them how much we care for them. We then added these to our own card designs.

The school invited our significant females into school to come and see what we have been learning about! Miss Eriksson set us with a challenge to make a pyramid using natural resources. Here are some of the pyramids that we made …