Wingham Primary School

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Term 4

Sycamore Class had great fun on our Geogrpahy/Science based field-trip to Wingham River. The children learned lots of information about the key features of rivers, measuring the velocity of the river and investigating the quality of the water. It was a great morning, experiencing some fantastic practical learning.

As the children at Wingham School always do, Year 6 completed our end of unit ‘Flourish Day’- where they reflected their learning throughout our recent topic- by creating some fantastic Ancient Egypt based projects. Their knowledge and enthusiasm when quizzed about their respective creations was a joy to behold. Well done Sycamore Class!

What a wonderful and informative day Sycamore Class experienced this term. They learned all about famous Pharaoh’s, Ancient Egyptian beliefs (gods and goddesses), took part in creating their own individual amulets as well as a whole host of other engaging and enjoyable Ancient Egyptian based activities. As you can see, a great time was had by all!

In Science this Term, Sycamore Class have been learning all about the circulatory system. In this particular lesson the children were given the task of using drama to illustrate their learning on how the heart is a muscle that pumps oxygenated and de-oxygenated blood around the body via our blood vessels. The children had great fun showing how much they had learned.

Year 6 had great fun with their significant female visitors by working collaboratively and rising to the challenge set by Mrs Baldwin- to see what structure they could create by using just mash mallows and spaghetti; using their engineering and design technology skills.

In Art/DT this term, Sycamore class have been designing and creating their canopic jars (linked to our Ancient Egypt theme). As you can see, their creations were amazing. Well done Year 6!