Wingham Primary School

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Term 1

We started the year with our very exciting topic of ‘Could a dinosaur live in Wingham?  We are having great fun finding out about dinosaurs: What they ate, where they lived and how they became extinct! We wrote questions about what we wanted to find out and we also made predictions about whether a dinosaur could ever have lived in Wingham. The majority of the class said NO! We had some very interesting reasons for why they could and couldn’t which included : because they may be too big to fit into our houses and they would disturb our sleep by making noises.

At the start of the term we went to Betteshanger Park and took part in some fossil hunting.  It was amazing to find fossils in the rocks.

In maths we have been doing place value and are still working on addition and subtraction..  We have used numicon, numberlines, tens squares and place value counters to help us work out many different problems and strategies to know the value of each 2 digit number.

In English we have been reading the book “Gigantosaurus” by Jonny Duddle.  We have written adjectives and adverbial noun phrases to describe the characters. We started off  by making a huge Gigantosaurus out of leaves and sticks. We have freeze framed parts of the story, acted out the story and rewritten it in our own words. We have been learning about poetry and all the different types of language we find in poems like similes, alliteration and rhyming words.

In Outdoor Learning this term we have been exploring our science topic of living things and habitats. We have looked for micro habitats and found mini beasts that live in our Forest school area and around the field. We found examples of things that are living, dead and never been alive.

When our Dad’s or significant males came in to school we did a bit of fossil hunting and also planned our dinosaur puppets that we are going to sew for our DT lessons.

In PE we have been learning hockey skills and we can hold out stick correctly and dribble and pass a ball. We have also been doing gymnastics and have practiced different ways of balancing, rolling and jumping off apparatus.

We also joined in when the rocket man came to school and taught us all about going to the moon.  We also got to make our own rockets which was amazing.