Wingham Primary School

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Term 3

As part of our Topic on Ancient Egypt (Were the Ancient Egyptians achievers?) we have started learning all about the River Nile and its importance to the Ancient Egyptians. Sycamore Class have researched and discovered a variety of interesting facts. These include: understanding how the River Nile was (and still is) a source of food, a mode of transport and how it enables crops to be grown on or near the banks of the River Nile (through flooding).

Year 6 have had great fun learning all about many key historical facts related to the Ancient Egyptians. Areas covered so far include finding out about mummification and presenting their learning in a variety of ways (such as through drama, via 3d modelling and through artwork/pictures). As you can see, the children had great fun presenting their acquired knowledge to the rest of Sycamore Class.

In Science this Term, Sycamore Class have been learning all about Electricity. They learned how there are 2 main primary sources of power that enable appliances to work (mains electricity and/or batteries). The children have also had lots of fun learning about electrical circuits and have completed numerous practical activities creating their own electrical circuits. We have also been learning about Volts and Amperes and how voltage is the pressure from an electrical circuit’s power source, and that amperes measures the electrical current in a circuit. Sycamore Class have had a blast taking part in lots of practical learning and scientific investigations this Term- well done Sycamore Class.

Sycamore class have been busy this term making periscopes. We began by researching the uses of periscopes in the past and present day. We explored how they work and used our scientific knowledge about light and mirrors to support our measuring, scoring, folding and cutting skills, to create our own working periscopes.Every periscope had a different design. We were very pleased with the results!