Wingham Primary School

It’s all about the children

Term 3

We spent the day with Mr Egypt who taught us so many incredible things. We imagines we were children in Ancient Egypt and learnt what their life was like. Mr Egypt brought artefacts from his collection that we got to have a look at up close! We learnt about the afterlife and the process of mummification. We had lots of fun mummifying our friends!

In science this term we have been learning about electricity. We have carried out investigations including looking at the impact of adding more volts to a circuit.

As part of our topic ‘Were the ancient Egyptians achievers?’ we have been exploring the river Nile and its importance for the people living in ancient and modern Egypt.

For science week, we took part in a whole school experiment to see which biscuit was the best to dunk into tea. We created our question to investigate which was ‘does the content of the biscuit affect the time it takes to dissolve?’ We made our predictions and carried out the investigation. Lots of us predicted that the biscuit with the highest sugar content would be the quickest to dissolve but we were wrong!  It was the biscuit with the highest sugar content that took the longest to dissolve. We spoke about how to keep the test fair and how we could improve the investigation if we were to repeat the experiment.