Wingham Primary School

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In order to support each child to progress as much as possible in their learning the delivery of the curriculum is supported by a thorough assessment process. Day to day feedback and marking is used to inform the more formal assessment systems. Children in the Reception year are assessed during their first term at school using the Baseline Assessment. The outcomes of this assessment will be shared with parents at the first parents evening in November. At the end of the Reception year, an assessment is made in relation to the Early Learning Goals. In years 1 – 6 children are assessed throughout the school year to inform our planning. This may be a formal test or in the form of teacher assessment. Teachers and senior leaders use target tracker to record both formative and summative assessment to track children.  Assessment in the other subjects is informed through our FLOURISH  days when children are given the opportunity to choose how they would like to respond to their unit question. Children in years 1, 2, 4 and 6 undertake the National Tests/Tasks.


  • Year 1 complete the Phonics screening test in June
  • Year 2 complete KS1 SATS in maths, reading and writing during May
  • Year 4 complete  the Multiplication check in June
  • Year 6 complete KS2 SATS in maths, reading, SPAG and writing in May


Other tests may be used to support teacher’s assessments and so inform future provision. The progress of each child is discussed with parents at the parent consultation meetings. A written report for parents is produced at the end of each school year. However, parents are welcome to discuss their child’s learning and progress at any point during the school year.