Wingham Primary School

It’s all about the children

Term 5

This has been such a special term! We have been looking at ‘What lives in my garden’ we started by having a good look around our own school garden and outdoor area. Armed with magnifying glasses and a data sheet we embarked on a minibeast hunt and found many different creatures. This helped stimulate our creativity as we set about creating minibeasts in a variety of different ways including creating them using pebbles.

Later in the term, we visited the pond area and discovered frogs were busily creating frog spawn and  a family of newts had taken residence in our garden pond! We learnt what a habitat is and found so many different ones   around our school.  We borrowed some frog spawn to observe hand the metamorphosis process and then released them back into the pond a tiny froglets.

We have used many Eric Carle books in our Literacy lessons and discovered through our creative activities that he illustrates his books using mixed media and collage. We created our own minibeast illustration in the style of Eric Carle using tissue paper. We also created our own story maps and then used them to record ourselves retelling the story using the tablets.

It was amazing to welcome back family reading this term. Not only does it hopefully instil a lifelong enthusiasm for reading but gives us chance to show off all the amazing work we have been doing throughout the week/term.

As part of our Understanding of the World focus we have been lucky enough to observe close up the life cycle of the butterfly starting with the eggs, caterpillars, watching them spin their cacoons and then waiting for them to emerge as butterflies.

A real life beekeeper also visited to talk about how amazing bees are and how vital for our planet. Michelle bought in a real life bee hive and a suit for us to try on and she gave us loads of different facts about honey bees and bees in general. We learnt so much. We were also able to create a beeswax candle and have a go at creating bee pictures inspired by the illustrator of our focused text Omar and the Bees, Katie Cottle.

In maths, we have been looking at the composition of teen numbers and using many different manipulatives to see how many different ways we can make the numbers to aid our understanding that a teen number is one lot of ten and then units.

We have also been developing our shape spatial reasoning skills using tangrams.

Our role-play has been a vets/pet shop this term and it has been so busy! Here the children have been developing their communication, literacy and maths skills in such a fun and interactive way!