Wingham Primary School

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Term 4

We have had such a busy time this term! We have continued to work hard to answer our key question ‘Are all stories true?’  looking at both real and imaginary stories, comparing and contrasting them and discovering how they are structured.

We had great fun celebrating World Book week. Can you guess who all of the book characters are?

 We were extremely lucky to welcome Anthony Browne, distinguished author and illustrator who ran a workshop. We had a great time listening to him tell some of his stories, showing us his amazing illustrations and even inventing some potential new characters.

He even opened our nerwly refurbished library that we visit fortnightly and Mrs Fraser shared some more Anthony Browne stories. It was an amazing day!

We have been looking at properties of materials in understanding of the world and used stories such as the three billy goats gruff and the three pigs to develop our problem solving and DT skills to build houses of straw that might be wolf proof and alternative bridges so that the goats could avoid the troll!

We have really enjoyed having Laura in this term to teach us some dance. She has taught us a range of different dance styles. It has helped us to develop our listening skills, coordination and fine and gross motor skills. We have learnt an African dance, Street dance and made up a dance for the stories of Three Billy Goats Gruff and The Three Little Pigs. It was also delightful to welcome our significant females in to create Spring dance routines.


Over the last few weeks we have noticed lots of changes in our local outdoor environment. As a result of a Spring hunt we discovered Spring has well and truly sprung. We discovered visiting frogs in our pond had been busy laying lots of frog spawn and spring flowers such as daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses have started to appear. We decided it was a fantastic opportunity to develop our observational drawing skills by drawing some of the fantastic daffodils growing around our school! Some of us wanted to extend this activity and do some observational paintings.