Wingham Primary School

It’s all about the children

Term 3

This term our topic is ‘Could a dinosaur live in Wingham?  We are having great fun finding out about dinosaurs: What they ate, where they lived and how they became extinct! We wrote questions about what we wanted to find out and we also made predictions about whether a dinosaur could ever have lived in Wingham. The majority of the class said NO! We had some very interesting reasons for why they could and couldn’t which included : because if it lived in Wingham it would eat us as a lot are carnivores; because it would break the houses and I live in Wingham and my house is not broken; because there is too much rain and they might drown.

At the start of the term we had a visit from an author, CS Clifford.  He showed us some of the books that he has written and then gave us a writing task where we had to use our imagination. We drew a picture of our imaginary word and then we described it or wrote a story about it. We also enjoyed listening to one of his stories and playing some fun imaginary games.

In maths we have been doing multiplication and division.  We have used numicon, arrays and numberlines to solve division and multiplication problems. We have also looked at statistics and we have made arrays, pictograms and block graphs.

In English we have been reading the book “Gigantosaurus” by Jonny Duddle.  We have written adjectives and adverbial noun phrases to describe the characters.  We have freeze framed parts of the story, acted out the story and rewritten it in our own words. We have been learning about poetry and all the different types of language we find in poems like similes, alliteration and rhyming words.

In Outdoor Learning this term we have made a nest for a dinosaur egg, built our own dinosaurs from things we found outside and thought about how we could bind twigs together for the different body parts.  We made a dinosaur head out of twigs after looking at all the different shapes of the dinosaurs.

In RE we have been thinking about why it is important for Jewish people to do as God asks them to do. We found out about the festival of Passover and the significance of the Sedar Meal. We enjoyed exploring the Jewish artefacts and tried to produce some Hebrew writing.


In Music we have been practising our listening skills, keeping a steady beat as well as exploring long and short sounds using the instruments we made.

We had a great Science week where we helped the teachers work out which is the best biscuit for dunking.  We were shocked to find out that the rich tea biscuit was the best.  We also got to stretch a curly wurly as long as we could in 3 minutes.  We found that if we warmed it in our hands it stretched further.  The best bit was eating it after!  We also looked at optical illusion and made our own illusions.

In our Science lessons we have been learning about habitats and micro-habitats and we have enjoyed exploring outside and finding creatures that live around the school and seeing what their habitats are like.

In PE we have been learning Kurling and can push a stone onto a target.  We love our kurling lessons!