Wingham Primary School

It’s all about the children

Term 5

We have been very lucky this term in PE as we have been having dance lessons with Laura. We have been learning an amazing rainforest dance where we get to be an animal and also a samba dance which is fast but fun.

In Geography, we have been learning about The Amazon rainforest. We located South America on the globe and in the atlas then created the shape using kitchen roll. We made small flags to mark on the countries that are part of the Amazon rainforest and finally sprinkled cress on to show the exact location. We enjoyed watching the cress grow into ‘trees’. Once it was big enough, we were able to show deforestation by eating it! We have also learnt about the four main layers of the rainforest and are currently building models. Here you can see our plans, which include some of the plants and animals which might be found in each layer.

In RE we have been studying Hinduism. We have learnt about Brahman and the different forms he can take. We found out that Hindu’s worship the Gods and Goddesses at home and in the temple. Most homes would have a Puja Tray, which contains important items needed for worship. We looked at a Puja Tray which included a bell, Kum Kum powder, incense sticks and an incense holder, a water pot and spoon.

Finally, we have been on our first trip out of school since we were in reception, which was very exciting! It was a long coach journey to Bedgebury but we enjoyed playing eye spy to pass the time. When we arrived at Bedgebury we were taken on a tour of the pinetum and took part in many different activities, which helped us to learn about the function of the parts of a plant and pollination.