Wingham Primary School

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Term 5

We have had such a busy term in Rowan class! We started the term by having a rainforest day as our topic this term is ‘Does it always rain in the forest?’ We used a map of the school to collect hidden puzzle pieces, which created a map of the world and showed us the location of tropical rainforests. We have learnt that the largest tropical rainforest is The Amazon and have created cress map to show its location in South America. Once the cress had grown, we cut it and ate it. We have also been learning about climate zones and made a chalk map on the playground to show the climate zones in South America.

In ICT, we have been learning about weather forecasts. We have designed and created our own weather stations and can explain how they might collect data about temperature, wind speed or rainfall. We have also learnt about extreme weather and designed machines that could detect extreme weather such as hurricanes.

In maths, we have learnt about money and time. We can recognise all the coins and notes and have learnt to add and subtract money. As the weather has been lovely over the last week, we have been able to practise our time skills out on the playground. We have drawn clocks and used sticks as the hour and minute hands to show given times.

Our science learning has also been fun this term as we have been investigating plants. We started by creating pictures to show the parts and functions of plants. We used a variety of materials to show the roots, stem, leaves and petals. We have also learnt that plants need air, space, water, light and nutrients to grow. In order to see what happens if we do not give plants what they need; we have conducted our own investigations. Sadly, our plants didn’t survive so now we know that we must give them everything they need in order to take care of them correctly.

A highlight of the term was our trip to Port Lympne. We had a fantastic day and the children were amazing. We had the chance to look at and sketch many animals which can also be found in South America.