Wingham Primary School

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Term 5

Maple class have conducted a range of experiments across term 5 including separating, mixing, filtering and evaporating. They used a range of sieves to separate a variety of food items such as pasta, sugar, beans, gravy granules as well as using tweezers. They also mixed a range of solids and liquids to create solutions and tested whether they were reversible or irreversible mixtures. Maple class also tested which materials were best to filter dirty water. They used filter paper, sand, grass, rocks and other naturals materials.

Maple class have created a range of amazing pieces of writing this term such as an argument, a Roman myth and a persuasive advert from an estate agent. They had a class debate about the positives and negatives of the Roman republic system before writing these in to their books using formal language and justifying their reasons. When writing Roman myths, they used ambitious adjectives, verbs and adverbs as well as using a range of sentence types to add detail or to create tension.

For topic, they have been looking at the life of the Romans from their beginnings up to the invasion of Britain and will continue in to term 6. They discovered the geographical features of why Rome was a good settlement and have also research why the Roman army was so effective. Following on from this, they researched Roman home (which they wrote about in English) and how they were decorated. They planned and designed their own mosaic and used wood glue and grout to create their final piece.