Wingham Primary School

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Term 5

Maple Class took part in a nationwide RAF activity in which they had to design and build their own gliders. They watched a live video from the RAF on YouTube, which gave them the different types of wings and fuselages that they could use. Once they had chosen and drawn 3 different designs, they used card, paper straws, Blu-Tac and masking tape to make the gliders with a partner. The class then went outside to test their gliders! The furthest went approximately 11 metres, which was amazing!

Year 5 have spent much of the term focusing on angles. They have recapped the various types and sizes and discussed what angles measure and how they are formed. They have learnt to accurate use protractors to draw and measure given angles as well as calculating missing angles from lines, around points and within different shapes such as triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons and hexagons.

Linking to our topic, the class have planned their own version of a Roman myth. They created their own setting, God or Goddess as well as other main characters. They thought carefully about using similar themes to other Roman myths such as the Gods using humans as toys and the Gods making the humans eat themselves! The children also used skills such as including relative clauses to add extra detail, using different forms of past tense and selecting ambitious language.

What an amazing day! The children were taught different Latin phrases and wrote these using a stylus and wax board. There was an attack from the Roman army against the Celts but the Celts only had stones so were unfortunately defeated. After the attack, the children were selected to dress up either as slaves or as people of Rome in tunics and dresses. They also pretended to be gladiators and have slow-motion fights. In the afternoon, they made their own necklaces and inscribe their new Roman name on to it.