Wingham Primary School

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Term 3

This term we have been working within the theme of ‘Are all stories true?’ We started by looking at a book all about King Charles and learnt lots about him and his mum Queen Elizabeth his mum. We are trying to find out if all or some stories are true, some partly true and some couldn’t possibly be true? This theme will run through this term and Term 4.

We visited a real life castle- Leeds castle to compare and contrast it with homes now and decided we would much rather live in our warm comfortable homes now!

We also took part in an interactive story workshop. We got to dress up and help retell the story of 'The Swan Princess.'

On our return we planned and created  our own castle role play which has helped us develop imaginative storylines in our role play using traditional story language such as ‘once upon a time….’

In maths we looked at measuring in different contexts and discovered you need to measure correctly when cooking and following a recipe and created our own Gingerbread Men.

In our Understanding of the World sessions we even tried to find a solution to save the Gingerbread Man from the fox, asking why he couldn’t swim across the river alone and focussing on ways to try and help him cross the river independently.

We even learnt how to retell stories through the medium of dance with Laura our dance teacher. We were amazing at learning routines to retell stories such as The Gingerbread Man and even learnt a traditional Chinese dance, 'Dance of the peacocks.' Then to end the amazing week of looking at the Lunar New Year we used our Dragons to do some Dragon dancing!

We have been exploring  the Spring Lunar New Year Festival which is celebrated around the world. By listening to the traditional Chinese story 'The Great River Race' we discovered that all the lunar years are named after animals. We have found out what year we were born within the Lunar calendar. 

We then had great fun doing lots of Lunar New Year activities such as trying to eat noodles using chopsticks, writing Chinese symbols on our Good Luck banners, making lanterns. and participating in Chinese traditional dancing. We even made dragon heads to recreate a Chinese Dragon dance.