Wingham Primary School

It’s all about the children

Term 2

At the start of term we had two survival training days with Commando Steve which we thoroughly enjoyed! On the first day we learnt how to make a survival oven from tin foil and a Pringle tin.  We then went on to learn how to gut a fish and cooked it on the fire in the forest school area. The next day we walked to the local woods and learnt how to build a shelter from scratch! By the end of the day we had built a shelter that was big enough for us all.

In celebration of Black History Month, each class was given a Black athlete to learn about. In Sycamore class, we learnt about the life and legacy of Jesse Owens. We used the internet to research his achievements and created news reports that we shared with the class. We then used this information to write a biography about his life.

As part of our learning about the Maya civilisation we learnt about food that they Maya ate. We attempted to make some Maya flatbread using corn flour and then we also made hot chocolate. Once we have mixed the ingredients, we went outside to cook the food over the fire.

In maths this term we have been developing our knowledge of fractions. To develop our knowledge of equivalent fractions we create fractions with strips of paper, creating our own fraction walls.