Wingham Primary School

It’s all about the children

Term 1

To begin our science topic we conducted an investigation to find out how light travels. We used three pieces of card and created hole in the centre of each piece of card. We then shone a torch through the holes to see what would have to the light. If the holes were lined up correctly, the light would shine through to the end piece of paper because light travels in straight lines. If the holes were not lined up, one piece of card would block the light reaching the end. Then we conducted an enquiry into luminous and non-luminous light sources. We used a torch to classify objects as shiny or dull. We then used this information to decide whether the object was luminous or non-luminous. A luminous object is one that generates its own light like the sun. To further our understanding of shadows we conducted an experiment with puppets we had made. We learnt that the angle of the light source changes the shadow shape. In order to make sure it was a fair test we made sure that we only changed the angle of the light source. The light source and puppet stayed the same in each test.

In history we have begun learning about the ancient Maya. We have learnt about where they lived, what they are known for and their religious beliefs. We created posters to show our learning.

In maths we have been developing our place value and number knowledge. To put negative numbers into a practical context, we looked at temperatures all of the world. We compared the temperatures between countries, finding the difference.

This term we have been looking at the book Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. We have created setting descriptions of the island and begun to think about the thoughts and feelings of the main character throughout the story. We have completed drama activities such as role on the wall and hot seating to help us imagine how Michael was feeling.

For European languages day, sycamore class learnt about Belgium. We started by finding out all about the country. We the learnt about what famous is Belgium for, including Tintin the comic books. We watched some Tintin animations for inspiration and created our own Tintin adventures. We challenged ourselves to include French vocabulary in our comic strips.

We invited our parents, uncles, grandads into the classroom to see what we have been learning about in Year 6. We set Sycamore class a challenge to build a raft to help Michael escape from the desert island or a shelter for Michael to live in. We asked the children to use as many natural resources as possible that Michael would have access to on a desert island.