Wingham Primary School

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Term 4

For our topic, Maple Class were learning about the Bayeux Tapestry. They discovered that it records every detail of The Battle of Hastings. Without artefacts like this, we would not know all that we do about the past. Similarly, Victorian samplers tell us a great deal about the lives of children in the past. We set about creating our own pieces of stitch work to record a little bit about our lives today. Some of us had never sewn before. We were thrilled by the results. Even better, many children have now taken up sewing at home! Maple class also we studied a contemporary artist called Graham Turner. He is well known for his life-like paintings of dramatic battle scenes, racing cars and planes. Maple Class learnt how to mix hundreds of greens and using brushes and sponges, they created landscapes. They then used their ICT skills to find suitable WW2 planes to finish of their masterpieces.

What an amazing book day at Wingham! There were amazing costumes in Maple class and some brilliant writing and acting throughout the day. There was also a visit from one of the writers from Horrible Histories, which the children loved and created brilliant work from. It has been lovely to see so many children reading!

Another brilliant workshop delivered by Mr O’Sullivan! The children looked amazing in their evacuee costumes and had a brilliant day. They learnt so much and listened impeccably throughout the day. There were a range of activities such as playing with 1940’s style toys, decoding secret messages, marching with a Sergeant and pretending to be evacuated on a train. Unfortunately, this was Mr O’Sullivan’s last year with us. He has been doing our World War day since 2008!

Another awesome day in Maple class! The class were perfectly behaved all day and were respectful throughout. We visited the underground hospital and learnt how the tunnels were used to help protect themselves. We also spent time looking at the signal tower and even managed to see France! After lunch, the class went in to the Great Tower to explore how the would have lived in medieval times.