Wingham Primary School

It’s all about the children

Term 4

Year 5 had a brilliant world book week! We had a message from Anthony Browne and read lots of his books and discussed his amazing and wonderful artwork. We also had a visit from Author Lucy Strange, whose book we are currently reading. There were some amazing costumes on world book day and the class begun writing their own picture books to enter for a competition. Finally, we had a visit from some of the writers from Horrible Histories who set Maple class the task to write and perform their own comedy sketches. The writers then came back the following week to record these and they will be edited and played on KMFM in the near future!

Maple class had a brilliant day at Dover Castle! We explored the weaponry on show, looked out across the sea from the observation tower, investigated the world war rooms and explored the castle tower. The children were given cameras to take pictures throughout the day to show what they learnt about the geography and history of the castle. They were so well behaved and on-site staff told us that they were so well mannered towards them.

On world war day, Maple class learnt about being an evacuee during world war two. They dressed up and brought in cherished items, as they would have done in the 1940s. They started the day by testing out old toys, testing their decoding skills, learning about old cameras and learning how they made a cup of tea! They made gas masks in preparation for a ‘gas attack’ and went on a pretend train journey to the countryside. At lunchtime, they tried spam fritter, which they loved! In the afternoon, there was a pretend air raid and children finished off by having a sweet treat. A wonderful day was had by all!

In science this term, the children investigated the properties of materials. They tested them for conductivity by attaching them in to an electrical circuit, tested them for thermal properties by seeing how long they would take to melt on an ice cube, tested them for hardness by scratching them on other objects and tested them for magnetism.

Term 5’s artist is Graham Turner who painted pictures of the world wars with a focus on aeroplanes. The children used Google maps for snip an overhead view of fields and learnt how to create different shades of green, which they created new names for! They painted their bird’s eye view of the fields using different strokes before resizing an image of a world war plane, printing it and sticking it over the top of their work.