Wingham Primary School

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Term 6

We are delighted to share the incredible learning and experiences that Pine class has been immersed in during Term 6. It has been a term filled with creativity, exploration, and growth for everyone. Here are some of the highlights:

In Literacy, our young writers unleashed their imaginations by creating their very own mythical creatures. They crafted captivating character and setting descriptions, bringing their creatures to life on paper. Furthermore, they showcased their storytelling skills by crafting their own narratives, taking us on thrilling adventures. Additionally, our students honed their persuasive skills through engaging debates, fostering critical thinking and effective communication.

Geography took our class on an exciting journey into the realm of volcanoes. Our students enthusiastically constructed their own volcanoes, delving deep into understanding the features and mechanics of these natural wonders.

We had an action-packed Sports Day that showcased the athleticism and team spirit of Pine class. Everyone participated in a variety of exhilarating events, including sprints, sack and stack races, tug of war, javelin throwing, and more. We were amazed by the speed and determination of our young runners. As if that wasn't enough, our adventurous class also had the opportunity to try paddleboarding, exploring new waters and building confidence along the way.

In Mathematics, we dived into the captivating world of shapes and symmetry. They explored lines of symmetry, delved into statistics, and developed our understanding of position and direction.

Science and DT opened up a world of understanding about nutrition and the intricate workings of our bodies. We explored food groups, delved into the digestive system, and uncovered food chains.

Check out our incredible sculptures inspired by the renowned artist, Henry Moore. Pine class’s artistic talents and creative visions have truly shone through in this project.

All have all shown tremendous dedication and enthusiasm throughout the year, and we are immensely proud of everyone’s achievements.


Enjoy your well-deserved break and have a fantastic summer!