Wingham Primary School

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Term 2

This term in art, we've delved into the world of cave paintings. Understanding that paints weren't used during the Stone Age around 2.5 million years ago, we opted to replicate their methods by crafting our own paint using berries and charcoal. Can you spot the animals depicted in our cave paintings?

To deepen our grasp of Stone Age life, we embraced our roles as hunter-gatherers, constructing fish racks and Tepee tents using natural resources found outdoors. The children discovered that life in the Stone Age demanded more skill and patience than they initially anticipated.

In Literacy, our journey through the book "Stone Age Boy" led us to imagine ourselves as the character, narrating our experiences through diary entries after plummeting into the Stone Age. To aid our memory, we created journey sticks with visuals and time markers.

We enjoyed a Stone Age Day at Kent Life. We immersed ourselves in learning about Stone Age weaponry, grinding flour with a quern stone, and encountering various animals. Meeting Claw, Kent Life's honoured Tribe Member, was a highlight. Claw generously shared insights into his Stone Age lifestyle—his diet, attire, and daily routines. The children were delighted as Claw bestowed Stone Age names upon each of us; among the names given were Toenail, Bear, and Puddle!