Wingham Primary School

It’s all about the children

Term 2

The focus of our topic this term was prehistoric Britain. The children have learnt about The Stone Age, The Bronze Age and The Iron Age. The children used non-fiction books to research Stonehenge then created a model of Stonehenge to help inspire their writing journey. They were surprised to learn that the blue stones at Stonehenge are believed to have come all the way from Wales. The children also spent time looking closely at photographs of Bronze Age objects, which have been discovered by archaeologists. They thought about what material they were made from and what they might have been used for. Finally, this week the children have learnt about The Iron Age. During this time iron was discovered which allowed people to make stronger, more dangerous weapons. As a result, people would have lived in hill forts so that they could look out for enemies.

In maths the children have been working hard multiplying and dividing. I have been so impressed with their use of mathematical language this term, especially multiplicand and multiplier. We have done lots of outside learning to practise representing our times tables as equal groups to help us to count in multiples of 3, 4 and 8.

In literacy, the children have written diary entries, newspaper reports and leaflets. We have worked hard editing our work to ensure that we are using fantastic vocabulary and punctuation. The children have been excellent teachers, giving helpful advice to their friends.

In art, the children have been creating their own cave painting. We looked at a range of cave paintings and thought about what they tell us about life in The Stone Age. We noticed that most cave paintings include animals and hand prints. We had a go at making our own paint and paintbrushes out of natural resources, which was very messy but also very fun!