Wingham Primary School

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Term 4

What an exciting Term 4 it has been, the final term investigating where sounds come from and much more! We started out with Enterprise Week where the children created lucky dips and chocolate marshmallows. Proving to be very entrepreneurial and popular, they won the Enterprise Cup raising £157 for new library books.

Music would not exist without sound. Inspired by the Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay the children designed and created their own recycled musical instruments in DT. With the help of music impresario, Mr Cook, we learnt how to write down a melody using graphic notation - the representation of music through our own visual symbols – and perform it together to an audience using our recycled instruments.

In our Maths learning this term, we have focused on decimals and fractions as different ways of expressing numbers. Our understanding of the number system and decimal place value has been extended to tenths and then hundredths. This includes relating the decimal notation to division of whole numbers by 10 and later 100.

In Literacy, we were inspired by Drum Dream Girl by Margarita Engle. Poetry is an important part of our learning in Year 4. The children have wrote their own marvellous poems using rhyme, alliteration and onomatopoeia words to represent sounds of Wingham Primary School. Some took it further by performing their poems using performance poetry techniques. As part of our Persuasive texts project, Pine Class had a visitor! Helen Charleton taught us just how big a problem plastic waste is. We learnt how plastic waste is affecting our world and we learnt ways in which WE can help to make a difference. Here, you can see her dressed in some of the plastic waste she has litter-picked. Pine class are also modelling some very fine examples of headwear modelled from recycled crisp packets! The children have had a go at writing letters to supermarkets to persuade them not to sell children’s magazines that “give away” plastic toys. World Books Day was a great success with so many great outfits, inspired by characters from books the children have been reading.

As Pine Class were studying their topic on Sound, they were also busy exploring the work of two artists, Kandinsky and Mark Rothko. Kandinsky’s abstract work was inspired by his passion for Classical music. He suffered from a condition that enabled him to see shapes and colours whilst he listened to music. Using collage, the children created their own artworks in a style similar to that of Kandinsky.

Mark Rothko was also an artist whose work was abstract. He used huge fields of colour to express feelings and emotions. The children used colour and various techniques and media, to create artworks that show their emotions. We were delighted with the results! We have recreated our own Rothko work characterised by rigorous attention to colour, shape, balance, depth, composition, and scale. Look how creative we are:

On Significant Female into School day, we welcomed significant female figures from our lives for portrait painting. Everyone seemed to really enjoy spending this quality time together.

Everyone in Pine Class is so Eggcellent – Happy Easter!