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Term 5

 As you are all aware, Term 5 in Year 6 is a big Term as we have the SATS. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all the pupils of Sycamore Class for their fantastic effort and aptitude during this year’s SATS. All of the children in Year 6 were amazing and a credit to themselves, their families and the school as a whole. Well done Sycamore Class 2024!

 As I am sure you are all aware now, this year our Year 6 production is ‘Shrek’; in order to gain some ideas for our school production and to see a professional musical in action we were lucky enough to get tickets to see ‘Shrek-the musical’ at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury. We all had a great time and the children were, once again, a credit to our school.

Over both Term 5 and 6 we are learning about Evolution and inheritance; exploring the key unit question: Where are we going?’ As part of this topic in Computing, we have been learning about the history of computers/computing and how technology continues to evolve and change within a relatively short period of time.

The children have also been using computers to research and create presentations on key scientists, who are famous for their contributions to evolution, inheritance and adaptation (such as Charles Darwin and Mary Anning). 

Sycamore Class have taken part in our whole school ‘Enterprise Week’ and have created a fantastic product (delicious sorbets) that we hope will prove very popular with the whole Wingham School community. Thank you to everyone who has contributed by making generous donations to help us create our ‘Scumptious Sycamore Sorbets’.

Sycamore class have enjoyed finding out about the graffiti artist, Banksy. We researched his artwork and the ethics behind it. We learnt how to design a tag and use craft knives to cut a stencil. We then sprayed through our stencils to create our own Banksy-style graffiti tags. We are all delighted with the results!