Wingham Primary School

It’s all about the children

Term 2

This term in ‘Who likes to party?’ we have been looking at and comparing festivals and celebrations from around the world with those that we celebrate ourselves. It has been such a busy time!

In the first week  we became fully immersed in activities celebrating Black History and those people who have made such incredible contributions across the world. Each class had a specific sports star to study and we found out about Sir Mo Farah and the contributions he has made to the UK sport.


Our artist was Winston Branch. We looked at their achievements and work, created some incredible abstract art and posters demonstrating what we had learnt over the week.

We have learnt about Guy Fawkes, why people celebrate each 5th November by building bonfires and having fireworks. We made our own bonfires as part of forest schools activities- but did not light them! We also had a go at recreating fireworks using chalks and pastels.

The children also discovered that some annual events that occur in the UK do not always celebrate happy times. We have looked at the meaning behind remembrance and the significance of the poppy. We created some fantastic observational drawings of poppies, made some poppies in out tech area and observed a two minutes silence to commemorate lives that have been lost throughout our history.

Next,  the celebration of Diwali enjoyed by people of the Hindu and Sikh faiths. The story of Rama and Sita gave an insight into this celebration. The children made their own shadow puppet to retell the story in small groups. They had a go at doing some traditional Indian stick dancing before using their artistic skills to create Diva pots and Rangoli patterns using a range of different media. We discovered a very snazzy symmetry tool on the paint programme 'Colour Magic' which we used to create some fantastic Rangoli patterns, whilst developing our mouse control skills at the same time. We even used it on the Smart Board!

In Literacy, we have been developing our reading and writing skills. Writing shopping lists in the role-play area, cards for Diwali and Christmas, and writing letters to post in our Post Office. We visited the local pop up Post Office in the local village hall to give us inspiration and ideas for things we needed to put in our very own Post Office and had great fun. We have had a focus text each week linked to each celebration/event and looked closely at the way the books are structured and how to use the illustrations as well as our phonic knowledge to decode tricky words.

In Maths, we have been developing our counting skills, discovering how subitising skills help us when it comes to counting a mixture of different valued coins and applying what we have learnt in our Post Office role-play area. We have also been learning our number bonds so that we can quickly recall the different ways we can make numbers.


Other celebrations we have studied and explored have included those we ourselves celebrate and others that people celebrate across different cultures in this country and all over the world. Celebrations such as Thanksgiving and its importance to American people and Hannukah, celebrated by the Jewish communities.


We have discovered that Christmas is celebrated across the world and in many different ways and we have observed and compared and contrasted them with the traditions we follow whilst also looking at the meaning of Christmas to Christian people around the world. Through drama and music, we have retold the Christmas story and enjoyed telling the story through our Christmas performance of ‘Whoopsy Daisy Angel.’