Wingham Primary School

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Term 2

What a busy term we have had!  We have continued learning all about dinosaurs and thinking about our topic question ‘Could a dinosaur live in Wingham?’  We went for a great walk around the village to see if there was food, space and opportunities for a dinosaur to live in Wingham. We decided that a small herbivore could potentially live here.

In English we looked at the book ‘Katie and the Dinosaurs’ and we wrote some amazing stories based on the book.  We also researched all about dinosaurs and looked at all the features of non-fiction texts.  We made our own fact books about dinosaurs.

In maths we finished our work on addition and subtraction and we have also been looking at shapes and we looked around the school to see how many 3D shapes we could find.

In science we finished our learning about habitats and looked at Wingham as a habitat for a dinosaur.

During Black History week we learnt all about inspirational authors and we learnt all about Rashmi Sirdesphande who has written great story books about dinosaurs. 

We continue to love our outdoor learning and we have made dinosaur skeletons from sticks, and dinosaurs using any resources we could find.  We have explored natural materials and observed how the trees and bushes have changed during Autumn. We made lovely Autumn pictures.

In art we have been looking at Charles Knight who was a paleo-artist and we have sketched dinosaurs and then painted them in water colours.  In DT we researched and designed dinosaur puppets.  It was really wonderful to have our adults come in and help us sew them.

The last few weeks we have been busy practicing and performing our Christmas Nativity, “A King is Born” and it was great to see so many parents come and watch.

In RE we have been learning about advent and the Christmas story.  We made our own advent wreaths and bracelets that are linked to the telling of the Christmas story.

We have also been learning British Sign Language and we can all sign our names and are learning a few words or phrases every week.

We enjoyed being able to dress up for Children in need and thought about different ways we can help those who may need a little extra help.