Wingham Primary School

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Term 2

Maple class have used Peter Thorpe as inspiration this term to create their own abstract art. They thought about which colours would work well together and also practised using different types of strokes using paint brushes. The class also used different techniques with chalks for extra effect. Their final pieces were amazing!

Maple class recapped the different sections of the world (continents, oceans, hemispheres and the U.K) and used string to create the outline of these places. The class also learnt about longitude and latitude which helps to locate places around the world.

Maple class have written some amazing pieces this term! They have researched France and created their own brochures trying to persuade tourists to visit France. They have also written a recount of a journey through space using emotive language and sentence openers.

Maple class have used investigated light this term and used torches to describe why we see different phases of the Moon. The children also used torches, water and prisms to separate the different colours of the rainbow!